2020 Dec 19 | Christmas lights in Bay Area and our neighborhood (2 weeks)

Ogii wrapped lots of presents for the family.

They fit nicely into the back of her new RAV4.

They're taller than her. Good thing we brought the little cart.

They're fixing this road. Flattening the asphalt.

Putting it down.

Laying down plastic.

Ogii wanted me to buy some local wine for a Christmas present.

Did a little tasting to see which ones were good.

Settled on these three.

Bright sunset.

Ogii likes the Advent Calendar.

This was a somewhat interesting show where Paul Rudd and Paul Giamatti sell Christmas trees in NYC.

Grabbed some Chinese food to go.

During our drive up to San Francisco.

Our first stop was Treasure Island. This kid on a bike was swerving all over the place. I thought he might have been out of control but Ogii noticed he was snaking around the yellow stripes.

Some people fishing and a few others getting photos.

Nice color behind us.

And eventually in front.

Then we headed into the city to check out the Entwined light display in Golden Gate Park.

Trees with color-changing boxes.

Little "plants" as well.

This was our favorite color combo.

Us in front of a tree.

A bocce court nearby.

Amoeba Music.

Escape from New York Pizza.

We were in the mood for some New York style pizza, and this was near the park.

Lots of famous people.

The we drove across the bay to check out Christmas Tree Lane in Alameda.

All kinds of lights.

Many here, too.

The penguins on the polar bear are cute.

Star Wars blowups.

Sesame Street.

This was one of our favorites; they even had color-changing snowflakes on the roof.

Very yellow.

Red, white, and blue.

From the side, it looks like this house had no lights, but from the front, you can see they put some around their door.

More cutouts.

A lot of people are driving in to look at the lights.

Then another Chrismas Tree Lane, this time in Palo Alto.


Even more.

And more.

Simple but nice.

Much busier.

Another simple one but tall.

Very upscale.

Another more upscale one.

Filling in near Yosemite, I actually had to scrape ice off my windshield in the morning.

Ogii cracking some nuts.

While we watch a close football game.

The Mandelorian season 2 is done. Time to cancel Disney+ until it's on again next year.

Our favorite Christmas movie.

Christmas lights around our neighborhood.

They created a tree out of strings of lights.

I like when they wrap the tree with lights.

Lots here.

Even more here.

And across the street.

Ogii was driving and I saw this board on the road in front of us. I had her stop so I could go pick it up. There are some big staples sticking out of it, so I'm glad we didn't run it over.

Christian cutouts.

A giant horse.

Polar bear with babies.

Many lights across the house.

Lawn items.

A lot here.

A bit simpler.

So many cutouts.

So many inflatables.

A train on the roof.

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation inflatables.

The house we had considered buying.

I like the simplicity of just having lines around the windows.

A coyote in a nearby field.

Animals mural.

War mural.

Nature mural.

A toast for AOA visionary members with William Reynolds.

Joe Ellis.

And Barbara Horn.

There were 68 total participants; pretty good.

Family video call; Mom has to pay the cat tax.