2020 Dec 27 | Christmas

It got cold enough Ogii had to scrape ice off of her windshield.

Nuts and chocolate-covered cherries.

Ogii doesn't like Bad Santa, so I watch it early before she gets up.

Ogii snuggled up reading.

With the tree.

One present each on Christmas eve.

Ogii's necklace.

Breakfast with the virtual parents.

Time to open presents.

From Justin and Melanie.

Shawl and socks from Greg and Dagii.

Baby Yoda shirts from Greg and Dagii.

Candy from Greg and Dagii.

Old yellow cherry seeds from Grandpa via the parents.

Home-made masks from Kumiko.

Cards to each other.

A nice card from Greg and Dagii.

Can't forget the stockings.

An old action camera I had in high school.

Whoops, shouldn't have opened that.

A tie clip and book end that used to be part of the Golden Gate Bridge.

I saw an ad for them on football sold through Touch of Modern.

But they were all sold out and too expensive anyway.

I Googled the artist, though.

And bought them from him directly.

Black Hills Gold opal ring, earrings, and necklace.

Along with some cheaper rings.

So many presents.

Colorful sunrise.

Ogii got me gamer chocolate and socks.

Me playing a game.

Her with her new hummingbird in a Santa hat shirt and sloth feet massager.

We cancelled Disney+ as The Mandelorian is over and got HBO Max to watch Wonder Woman 1984.


A few mandarins growing.

All peeled.

A couple of Christmas football games on Amazon.

Alvin Kamara scored a touchdown while wearing Christmas-colored cleats.

Then another one.

And another.

And another.

Six in total.

Mugs from Ogii.

Another game in the evening with an amazing last-minute throw from Fitzpatrick while he's getting facemasked.

Which led to a last-minute score to win.

Expensive house in Monterey with a huge deck.

Cannery Row in Monterey had some lights up.

Santa hats on the statues.

Santa's sleigh on the roof.

A lit-up palm tree.

Turkish desserts.

The owner was very friendly.

A coffee area in the back.

Nice lights.

We bought some snacks.

Ogii working on her puzzle.

It's hard splitting up some of these pieces by color. Some of the reds look like greens, some of the greens look like blues, some of the blues look like whites.

Surrounded by pieces.

A very colorful tree in the southwest side of town.

Lots of lights.

I'm not sure what a dinosaur has to do with Christmas, but it's fun.

A little hard to see, but at the bottom there are penguins fishing by an igloo.

Camel cutouts.

Lots of lights.

The lamppost is neat.

House outline.

Camels in a field.

Family chat.

From all over the place.

We got a lot of people.

And then one with Ogii's family.

A puzzle subscription from Monica.