2021 Jan 03 | Natural Bridges in Santa Cruz

Some nice houses on Cliff Drive.


This is my favorite, huge and brick.

New one being built.

Lots of surfers.

People live in this van and put up solar panels for electricity.

Eating burgers at Jack's.

Pretty sunset at Natural Bridges.

Lots of little coves.

A sculpture called Guardian II: Steadfast by Alan Burrus, made in 1986.

A guy up on his roof putting up Christmas lights.

A few photographers up early to catch the sunrise.

Out at Natural Bridges again, this time from the other side.

Cool formations in the rocks.

They decided to not try to jump over this gap.

Waves hitting.

Ogii on the flat rock.

Climbing down.

These houses have great views.

The waves form some pretty neat patterns. They'll hit these rocks and then bounce back at an angle, sometimes hitting other waves.

A video of the waves.

One of the houses has a surfboard outlined in Christmas lights.

Ogii is done with the sky on her puzzle.

Lots of frost on the car while filling in by Yosemite.

And what looks to be frozen rain.

Chernobyl is an amazing show.

The miners were working naked because it was 50 in the mines. Google says that 122 F, so that is quite hot.

Finishing with Bridalveil Fall.

The puzzle has letters on the back so you can check you got all the pieces correct.

Ogii got me this very soft Los Angeles t-shirt for Christmas.

Masks are the new cigarette butts.

And also the new dice.

Checking out the deals on Christmas items.

Finally a bunch of chocolate chip muffin mixes. I wonder if they have only gotten a few each time or if they sell out quickly.

A huge back of nuts Ogii ordered just arrived.

Reading Barry Greenstein's book on poker, Ace on the River.

It's a bit different because it a bunch of short sections of life advice, sometimes with minimal relation to poker. It also has these big pictures, which are nice.

Just noticed Maverick was filmed in Yosemite. That's Half Dome in the back.

The guy is painting Yosemite Falls.

Half dome closer up; I think this is near Glacier Point.

Ogii's family had a voice call for New Year's in Mongolia.

Times Square in New York City used these containers to social distance people, although there was a massive, packed crowd in the street a bit farther back.

Starting the countdown.

And it's 2021, sponsored by Kia, at least in New York City.

Uh oh, we don't have champagne. Time to run to the grocery store as they're closing early tonight.

The only thing we need.

Four Rooms, as always.

Watching fireworks over Los Angeles.

Trying not to shoot my eye out with the cork.

Happy new year on the west coast now.

Ogii had bought this great cake.

I broke this wine glass putting it in the sink, which Ogii says is good luck.

Playing an 80s trivia game we got from the parents as a Christmas present.

I had forgotten this was even an option.

Ogii pantomining an action.

Ah, it's moonwalking.

By Michael Jackson.

That was a fun gift. We got through all the cards.

Uh oh, it looks like this big flower is dying or already dead. Maybe the water drainage hole at the bottom is plugged up? I'll drill a few holes and see.

Yep, water came pouring out. We'll see if it survives.

A few blueberries starting to ripen.

And a mandarin orange.

Nice snack on the first day of 2021.

Ogii putting up scaffolding for this plant which is growing too long on the ground.

Back to Natural Bridges again. This is the closest house to the southeast corner, and it's huge.

And the wife has a small cupcake store she operates out of it.

Lots of people out for the new year.

Almost everyone takes pictures in this direction because the bridge is more obvious.

There used to be three bridges, but the outer one fell down in the early 20th century and the inner one fell down in 1980, so only one remains.

These kids were playing catch, but the ball flew into the water. This surfer happened to be walking by and threw it back up to them.

These three girls were out in the water. Too cold for everyone else.

A dead crab.

And these jelly things.

After Googling "pink jelly tubes on beach," we found out they're called Pyrosomes.

Getting a picture at sunset.

Including the bridge.

Ogii playing some games on her phone between helping me switch lenses.

The residents had put all of their trash cans around this fire hydrant. That's nice; it avoids taking up parking space.

There is a large tent city of homeless in Santa Cruz along this road.

A mural.

And another one.