2021 Jan 17 | McWay Falls, Pebble Beach (2 weeks)

Ogii cooking duck.

We got each other feet-warming items for Christmas.

We're watching Deadwood on HBO, and it's a great show. They're getting shots for smallpox now.

Crepe by Ogii.

A cute little plant.

Cleaning up all of the needles from the Christmas tree.

Got sand in my tripod, but I can just unscrew it and wash it off.

A film photography gallery in Carmel.

They don't like digital pictures.

All kinds of interesting lamps. My favorite is the one in the top center which is someone reading a light-up book.

A portrait painter creating a new piece.

No reserving the volleyball courts in Carmel.

Although Carmel Beach Volleyball leaves this post here for them to use when they play.

Such a pretty view.

Stopping at this little corner market on the way home.

The ribeye from Nob Hill on top vs Corral Market on the bottom.

Much thicker, but also more expensive.

They ended up tasting about the same to us, though.

Deer jerkey and sausage from Dad and Mom.

Fits nicely in the freezer.

First COVID vaccination done.

At McWay Falls for sunrise.


Very pretty with a few clouds.

We got a picture from a little outcrop. The actual trail is on the other side of the highway, though.

Right by Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park.

The trail to the falls goes through this tunnel under the highway.

Although the end of trail is closed for repairs.

This view is pretty similar to the view from above by the highway. You see a little bit more of the beach from here but less of the waterfall.

There are a lot of these shiny plants by the trail.

They're poison oak. Better be careful.

The rest of the park is closed.

Stopping by Big Sur Roadhouse for breakfast.

Many restaurants in Carmel built these outdoor seating areas.

But now that COVID is worse, you can't even sit there, so you have to take food to go.

A lot of the small businesses are hurting, too, either closed more days or permanently closed.

Open only by appointment.

This space is empty.

Looks like it was a gallery.

Yep, paintings.

Although Google just says temporarily closed, so maybe he'll re-open after COVID.

A map of various businesses. I wonder how much they charge to be on it.

A mural map.

A funny re-opened sign.

A flowering maple, also called a Chinese lantern.

Love that the ceiling lamps are jellyfish in Catch, a seafood restaurant.

There's always a line outside this coffee house.

And usually a shorter one for the bakery.

The Lone Cypress in Pebble Beach.

And another Cypress nearby.

A golf hole at Spanish Bay.

Later at night. Another photographer had a huge tripod.

He had to stand on a little ladder to reach his camera.

The Lone Cypress after sunset.

Making beer-battered chicken.

I swear I burn myself every time I make it.

So many sheep in this field.

I got a perfect score on the Prius, but only only drove half a block, so it doesn't really count.

We finished the three seasons of Deadwood, but we still had the movie to go. They have a pheasant in their house.

Brendan and Monica bought us an Escape the Crate pirate puzzle.

Different sheets of paper and a few other items.

Ogii with the eye patch on.

Which you're supposed to wear to preserve your night vision, then go into a dark room and look at the cards. Although it doesn't actually help you in any way, since you can just look at the cards normally.

You use the website to guide you through the puzzles.

Poking holes in cannonballs.

Lining up ship drawings.

Writing out our answers so we can put them into the website to keep going.

We almost always had to use at least a few hints.

I remember doing puzzles like these in challenge class in grade school.

Burn mark hopefully going away.

Ogii retiring her car.

One last goodbye.

It almost made it to 300,000 miles.

A cat eating at the auto store.

A bright bug.

Baby plants.

Lots of kayakers at Moss Landing.

We've seen this fruit store on the way to and from Santa Cruz, but we've never been going the right direction when it's open, but today we were.

Lots of produce outside.

And inside.

Fun cutouts.

My favorite trail mix is sold out.

As is the cheap vegetable oil.

These cereals have cute animals on them.

Now Ogii can park her new RAV4 in the garage, so I hung these balls from the ceiling to make it easier to know when to stop.

We were playing tennis and found an earring. We left it pushed into a wristband so it's easier for whoever lost it to find it.

Colorful sunset.

Full moon above some palm trees.

These clouds were really cool. There was an upper layer lit by the sunset and a lower layer that was semi-transparent.