2021 Feb 07 | Calla lily valley, Super Bowl at home (3 weeks)

Just south of Carmel is the Calla Lily Valley. It starts with a short hike along a narrow path.

There are a fair number of people on it.

At the end of the path is a little valley with a bunch of lilies growing in it.

You can also hike in from the south side instead of the north.

It was fairly popular today.

There is a little stream running through the middle of the valley.

The stream empties into the ocean.

There were more people out on the beach.

They're at a good high for pictures of people.

They tend to grow in bunches.

A nice sunset on the beach.

More families with young kids have moved into our area, so there are more toys lying around.

This Butterfinger was so close to falling, but I couldn't budge the vending machine at all. Maybe they had strapped it to the wall?

One of Ogii's packages asked her to send the stamps back.

Wonderful deer sausage.

Ogii's name phonetically is kind of similar to that.

Ready for my CE meeting now that Ogii has given me some breakfast.

These comparative scans are very helpufl to see how it changes over time.

Referral checklist.

Filling in near Yosemite and it snowed over night.

Good thing I have an ice scraper.

And backup socks.

I could have worn the boots, but they're more work to put on.

Some snow on the roads but it's not too bad.

No snow the next morning; only ice.

Giant table sculpture.

It was raining on the drive home. This poor truck driver went into the ditch.

There were a lot of cars backed up in a few areas, but I just took it slow and it was fine.

Made it home in time for President's Council, where all of the local society presidents discuss various issues.

All of the cars should be on the highway to the left of me, but instead they're on the side road to the right.

They're all exiting here and going around.

And all backed up behind that. I think the highway is flooded. That's going to add an extra hour or two of drive time for them.

The rain also took out a part of Highway 1 again.

And closed down this road which I normally take to work. Thankfully it's just a few minutes for me to re-route instead of the hours for Highway 1.

Ogii got a shot of a double rainbow.

My phone has ads for the new phone. That's annoying.

The new upgrade also only has a 3x4 folder grid instead of a 4x4 one, so not only can I not fit all of the apps I want in the folders, it also moved everything around so the apps aren't where I expect them to be when I open the folders.

Pretty clouds.

And various rainbows and sundogs.

Someone was on the tennis courts, so we went to the basketball one.

She shoots, she scores!

Ogii moved her desk down here.

So she has a more open view.

I saw a spider in the bathroom sink, so I shooed it away to the corner. Of course, it didn't say there; it decided to go running along the wall, which is when Ogii saw it. I told her to leave it alone so it could eat other more annoying bugs. Then I noticed she pulled her towel up so the spider couldn't climb up it but left mine down. That's cold.

Got my second vaccination shot.

This printer is so annoying. I tried replacing a low cartridge with a new cartridge, but it says the cartridge is defective. Which makes no sense because it came in a pack of five cartridges, and I've replaced three of the other cartridges using that pack and they all worked fine.

So I dug the old, low cartridge out of the garbage and stuck it back in.

And now it seems to work again. Dumb printer.

The only dedicated boba place I know of is a fairly long drive. However, some closer restaurants have it, too.

Including these two places...

... which are in the same shopping center.

Monica sent us a bunch of Girl Scout cookies.

So many goats in this field.

My mouse was finally not pressing enough that I decided to give up on it.

One of the best mice I've ever owned, and very simple.

Ogii getting notes from her dad about how to celebrate the new year.

Even though middle-class people tend to be hurting pretty badly, the rich are doing just fine.

A sliver moon.

Jet contrails.

A little bench under a tree all alone up on a hill.

Huge palm trees by a small house.

An awesome dress.

Although not cheap.

It'd be nice if Ogii hit one of the lottos and I hit the other.

A local board meeting on Zoom.

Wait a second, didn't we look at this house a few years ago?

Yes we did.

I wonder if it will sell for $100,000 more in just three years. Although that's a lot of buying and selling closing costs, too.

This condo has a beautiful view right by Lovers Point, but it's too expensive.

This condo also has a nice lake view and is more in our budget, but it's in a rather bad area. And it was also hit with like ten cash offers before we could even view it.

My AK lost to AJ.

But Ogii made quads.

And then trips.

And then won the tournament.

Ogii started the song before I could select my character, so I had to be the woman. But it couldn't sway my hips like she could...

... so Ogii beat me.

I was backing up my files for the year, but one hard drive was much, much slower now. I don't know what happened to it, but it's basically unusable. Good thing I have everything backed up on another hard drive and also online.

So I went to Amazon to buy a new one. This hard drive is selling for $39 when it normally is $80-$100. There has to be something wrong with it, so I'm staying away from that.

Time to watch the Super Bowl. Normally we go somewhere, but not this year.

National Anthem.

First commercial.

Never seen a poet before.

A lot of essential workers got to go to the game for free.

The other spaces were filled in with cardboard cutouts people could buy.

The first woman on the officiating team.

Halftime by The Weekend.

That look pretty much sums it up. He tried hard, but his offensive line couldn't hold of the defenders long enough.

A streaker. Kevin Harlan has the best energy of any radio announcer, and he was great for this as well.