2021 Mar 07 | virtual House of Delegates, virtual OptoWest (3 weeks)

I bought some 5.11 tactical pants years ago on Amazon, and they were great. I tried to buy some on Amazon more recently, and they were terrible. But I happened to see a 5.11 store while I was driving, so I decided to stop in and check if they had any good pants.

And they did, so I bought a couple. Amazon is nice, but you can't check out the fabric ahead of time.

A little shack with jerky.

And lots of nuts as well.

Pretty sunset.

Many of my classmates' offices in Texas are closed due to the crazy winter storms they've had.

Although with the power out, that means the security cameras are out as well, so some thieves actually broke into one of them and stole frames.

Dressed up all professionally for House of Delegates.

Although since it's a Zoom meeting, I'm more relaxed down below, including my giant slippers from Ogii.

There was a background contest, so I created the four best investments of 2020: toilet paper...

... bitcoin...

... Tesla...

... and the California Optometric Association.

It was a crazy year.

Although virtual attendance at meetings was higher than in-person meetings from the past.

We improved a lot and have more ideas for this year.

Ogii talking with her dad.

A pretty sunset with sea lions.

A bit later with a lighthouse.

Many flowers under these trees.

Clouds draped over a mountain.

Haven't read a good sci fi book in a while, but this one is entertaining.

First meal in a restaurant in a long time.

They called this a turtle sundae, although it's not nearly as good as the one at the drive in at Selby.

Highlander... there can be only one.

I wonder if there is anyone who doesn't have cash at all any more?

I love BBC's In Our Time podcasts. Most podcasts I listen to at 1.5 speed, but sometimes the host speaks quickly on this one, so I don't go quite so fast.

A be(e/a)r cave.

There was a big mess with someone cheat on the Stone's Live poker stream, and Bob O'Sullivan was the one to set the entire thing up, only for the cheating to start after he left. He was quite knowledgeable about everything.

Athena putting art on phone cases; that's neat.

The rains washed away part of Highway 101 here.

They're fixing it fast, though.

A camper on fire on the side of the road. Unfortunately nothing I can do to help.

The moon rising above the trees.

Family call, with Brendan showing off his Tetris skills.

Fixing Ogii's sunglasses by replacing a little screw.

First of my birthday presents from Ogii: a wallet.

This one online is really cool, but it's not me.

Pretty sunset.

And a sunset on my second present from Ogii: a cruise shirt.

A Trump anniversary card. Trump haters can get it as a joke, and Trump lovers can get it for real; good for everyone.

Third present is some lotto tickets.

Fourth is socks.

Fifth is a water flosser.

A bird at Ogii's work.

I was looking at old college pictures and realized I haven't seen anything about Jason in a long time. He's on Linkedin, though.

Hope he's doing well.

A little too much ice cream.

Coming 2 America wasn't as good as the first one, but it was still entertaining, especially the barber shop.

We love Billions. It was only on Showtime for a while, but now the first few seasons are on Amazon.

Watching poker on Billions and playing poker online with our friends.

Present six is a bathroom mat that matches our shower curtain.

Pretty sunrise.

Ogii asleep with her stuffed animals watching out for her.

Seventh present is some dress shirts.

Also a cruise ornament.

Which Ogii engraved.

Great breakfast.

We were planning on going to a winery, but we've been to all of them around here except for a few which are closed right now.

So we had lunch at a park.

A big tumbleweed.

Lots of birds.

A virtual advocacy webinar.

With info on how to talk to legislators.

Handwritten notes are a nice touch to be remembered.

Goals for your presentation.

Use stories, not facts.

Then the second half of House of Delegates, where election results were announced.

A few of us.

Aw, we didn't win the virtual background contest, although we did win bulletin of the year.

And then some interesting CE at OptoWest.

An official tonometer prism cleaning holder for $500.

A third party one for $15.

Even though she lost, the other fighter's daughter still makes her happy.