2021 Mar 14 | my birthday in Sacramento

Great light lunch by Ogii.

Eighth birthday gift.

Bite-sized Snickers.

And then we can put our vitamins in the containers.

Wine being shipped.

Ninth gift.

A jasmine-scented candle in a coconut shell.

Tenth gift.

A poker facemask.

Accident in the rain.

Looks like the driver should still be OK.

A nice rainbow later in the day that Ogii saw.

Even a bit of a double.

Clouds in the hills.

We've been watching Billions, and normally we only watch one episode a night.

But Ogii just had to know what happened after this one, so we watched another.

Eleventh gift.

A fun balloon and a birthday pin.

Now the mountains have a bit of snow.

Twelfth gift.


Personalized ones, with me drinking from a coconut on our last cruise.

That egg came out funny.

Wells Fargo wishing me happy birthday.

We watched this movie, The Biggest Game in Town. It was a local independent movie filmed around Monterey, and it had its premier in Monterey, although we never heard about it back then.

Some funny names on this map.

Including Toad Suck.

We were up very early, so might as well get an early start. Across the Golden Gate bridge before the sun rises.

A five-minute red light. Nice they warn you about it.

At Battery Spencer.

You can go down there for a better view.

But it's not worth risking the jail time and fine, especially if it's not going to be a great shot.


A few other photographers.

A vehicle that moves the center divider a lane over each morning and evening to make more lanes for outgoing traffic in the weekend morning.

There were a lot of locks on the chain-link fence. I don't remember those the last time I was here.

Intricate Ganesh.

Locked together.


Woven fabric.

Is that a particular type of knot?

This one had a QR code.

Which went to a YouTube video.

Of weddings.

Many locks and the bridge.

I wonder if they are friends.

A heart.

Are those bullets?


Rainbow arch for tunnel entrance north of the bridge.

A good message.

Thick pickup had a tiny lock on their topper. Not sure if that's going to stop any thieves.

All of the Fry's are closing. Many had interesting, unique themes.

This bridge has a section that turns.

Turkeys in town.

A cool stone house.

Ogii shopping at a mall in Sacramento.

Getting some back massages there.

Checking out Nordstrom Rack.

At Creekside Town Center.

And Saks Off 5th.

So many clearance racks.

Although a pair of dress pants on clearance from $575 to $350 when I normally pay $20 is still not attractive.

A wool skirt.

For $575.

And a nice coat.

For $1300.

A shirt with glasses on it.

A mesh shirt.

For $240. Not sure what exactly I'm paying for there.

Heart earrings.

Portable UV sanitizer.

Lunch at Roseland Golfland Sunsplash.

Big pieces of pizza.

Then time for some mini golf.

We both got a hole in one on this hole.

A lot of people hit their balls outside of the area here. There's a big fence, too, so you can't just go grab your ball.

Trying to make the ball jump into the tube.

Ogii going for the mouth.

A skeleton hand in the water.

Another shot of us.

Neat house hole.

Their rose logo is neat.

A huge metal sculpture we kept driving by.

Onto Thunder Valley for some poker. I cracked aces with trip sixes.

And then my aces held up.

Time for dinner at High Steaks.

I think we will avoid the $980 caviar.

Although we did spring for the wagyu.

And the tomahawk chop.

Ready to dig in.

Some good bread, too.

Me with the bone.

Birthday dessert.

Ogii's final gift: a glass chess set.

Up early the next morning to try to catch sunrise. The drone is such a pain; you have to charge the drone batteries, the controller batteries, and update the drone. At least we can charge them in the car.

There are some scooters at River Walk Park.

A memorial.

Ogii and the geese.

A colorful sunrise contrasted with the blue of this building.

Can't fly the drone in the park, so we had to walk back a few streets.

The battery says full.

Until we tried to fly the drone, and the battery instantly went to zero. That's annoying. At least we got some good shots with the DSLR.

Across the bridge.

Past a sculpture of bears.

And of shaking hands.

To the capital.

The library.

Nice figures.

Across from another office building.

Four statues of different types of wealth.

Climate was particularly neat looking.

Mineral was scary.

Floral wealth.

I'm too lazy to calculate the year.

Some smaller engravings.

Everyone rubs Buddha's belly.

Romantic wealth.

War memorial.

Another one.

Medal of Honor recipients.

The capital was blocked off by a fence, so we couldn't get any closer.

Zoomed in on the top.

Looking back the other way.

Another memorial.

Wife and child.

A huge Camphor Tree.

Really cool artwork on this newspaper dispenser.

Metal circles in a parking structure.

A big mural.

A long one.

A colorful one.

Covering an entire building.

Cute puppies.

This one was beautiful.

Although the neighborhood was a little run down.

With lots of homeless in tents.

Birthday snacks.

Opening presents.

A nice haul.

Checking out Capitol Casino.

They were still playing "outdoors," although it was enclosed in fabric and they had big heaters scattered all over.

Ogii wins with a set of nines.

I thought my top pair, nut flush draw was good until my opponent showed me a full house.

Ogii hits her nut flush.

A cute little birthday cake.

Blowing out the candles.

I think of myself more as Generation X than a Millennial, although I guess I'm right on the border.