2021 Apr 04 | snow in Sonora, poppies near Salinas (3 weeks)

I had to work in Sonora for a few days, so Ogii came along and worked remotely.

We worked on the next Escape the Crate puzzle from Monica and Brendan.

It snowed a bit.

A neat old house.

Ping pong at Ogii's work.

We looked at buying this house. It was four separate units, so we could live in one and rent the other three out.

Except it was rather old and run down. They were trying to do some last-minute improvements, like putting cedar in the closets. However, we couldn't find a heater in any of the units, so we passed.

Also, it was in a rather poor area of town. On the same block were all of these mobile homes.

Another neat piece of real estate, although this one is way out of our budget.

Although it's three apartments and nine commercial units in Carmel. Maybe that could be worth a lot of money, but we really have no idea.

Laying in the sun.

We went here a few years ago to watch a UFC fight, but it says they're closed now.

I guess the owner had some problems with insurance fraud.

Although now it's simply another bar.

We were playing Just Dance Now and Ogii hit my hand with her phone, which made her throw her phone and crack the screen. Thankfully it was fairly cheap to fix.

I don't think you're supposed to use your baby as a pillow.

Watching YouTube videos while scrubbing the toilet.

A neat mural of the St. George Reef Lighthouse.

I thought we could rent a yurt for a little getaway, but I think we'll pass on the naturists one.

I generally don't like reaction videos on YouTube, but I do enjoy watching vocal coaches and similar because they actually break down the songs. This woman of The Charismatic Voice channel really likes the bass by Avi Kaplan of Pentatonix when he sang a Ring of Fire cover with Home Free.

Freedom Meat Locker, which is supposed to have really good locally-sourced meat. This employee is working on some animal on the side of the building right now, in fact.

The entrance with many awards.

Even more inside.

A variety of bacon.

Big hunks of meat.

I got some bacon and a steak.

The bacon was really good.

Although the steak wasn't any better than what we get at our local grocery.

Ogii likes chewing on the bone, though.

Sometimes Amazon Prime has only a few crappy new videos, and other days they release hundreds of classics. Unfortunately I've already seen almost every single good one from this day.

Zack Snyder's Justice League was much better than the original, which I didn't like at all, but it really didn't have to be four hours. They could have easily cut every single scene in half and the movie would have still been great. I wonder why they didn't do that and instead chopped it up horribly.

Have to update by Basic Life Support again. It's pretty much the same every time with maybe a few small adjustments.

Sunset along River Road with a bunch of poppies near a farm.

Another batch.

Ogii in some by our house.

More poppies by our home.

Our neighbor's security camera captured a mountain lion walking by her front door.

So many homeless in Oakland.

A neat iridescent wrap.

A funny painting of Bigfoot grabbing fish out of a stream.

A hummingbird one.

And a sea rescue.

This house has a great view of the ocean.

A few people pulled off to look at this herd of elk.

Some deer out in a field.

This guy put some pieces of paper in his window to block the sun.

AA in online poker with our friends.

Again, except this time I lost to a flush.

Three aces, but lost to a straight.

We both had three threes, but I had the queen for the full house.

Ogii's turn for AA.

It's down to three of us, and I knocked out Ogii.

So she got third place.

And then Char and I agreed to chop.

I don't know why the California Academy of Science requires such a complex password. I just want to buy some $30 tickets, not put $100,000 in an account with them.

I can't even pick my seat with Basic Economy? Oh well, it's only for a few hours anyway.

I got the New York Times for $4 a month, but afterwards the rate would go to $17 a month. I was going to cancel, but they said they've give me the $4 rate for another year, so I'm OK with that.

Our new HP printer was pretty horrible; the colors were always mixing incorrectly. So I looked at getting a new Canon one, since the last one we had was pretty good, but they seem to all be made worse now. This guy used to have a Pixma MX922...

... which is what we had.

Now, even though it's old, it's more expensive than new ones because it works so well. I bought it for $70 and now it's $330.

So we got this one for $250, mainly because it had a decent paper loading tray; most of the other new ones had really bad ones.