2021 Apr 18 | anniversary at Carmel Valley wineries and Monterey (2 weeks)

Lots of flowers by the mailboxes after playing a little basketball.

Ogii getting vaccinated.

We saw this duplex for sale, although it's still quite expensive.

It's right next door to an optometry office, too. If we bought the house and the office, I could walk to work in a few seconds.

When I drove by a few days later, it looked like someone might already be moving in, though.

They added this stop sign a few days ago. It was really weird having to stop at first, but now it's not so bad. A lot of other people must have been running the sign because they put up an LED sign a few hundred feet back saying there's a stop ahead.

Sliver moon in the morning.

Some bunnies are back.

Love the pizza from the nearby place.

Anniversary cake Ogii bought and decorated.

Our anniversary cards to each other.

Off to Carmel Valley for wine tasting for our anniversary.

Twisted Root was our first stop.

Ogii showing off her new jewelry.


Acting like snooty wine snobs.

There are little lines on the glasses to tell them how much to pour.

Neat sun reflection.

Ogii with an old root.

Next stop was Parsonage.

Me trying the first one.

Ogii watching the pouring very carefully. We also chatted a bit with the woman in the red shirt behind Ogii.

Ogii about to taste.

A big tree out front.

The final stop was Folktale Winery.

Lots of barrels.

They had an outdoor restaurant area.

A wine sampler.

Grilled cheese, tomato soup, and a meat tray.

Ogii finishing her wine. Our new friend from the last stop was here as well.

We bought three bottles.

I think most people are pretty particular about their licorice, and people who like black often don't like red and vice versa, so I don't think this will be much of a hit.

Just started watching Love Death and Robots on Netflix. Lots of short animated sci-fi stories which are rather interesting.

Uh oh, my pants got stuck in the washer. Ogii had to take it apart a bit...

... to get them out.

A big chocolate sampler for Ogii.

A beautiful day, so we had lunch in our back patio in matching outfits.

The next weekend we stayed at the Monterey Plaza Hotel.

We had a corner room, so we had a view of the front patio area...

... and the back.

We put the binoculars in the room to good use...

... watching kayakers and otters.

The entryway.

Pillars with shells in them.

The spa on the roof.

With some hot tubs.

Time for a bath.

With champagne and strawberries.

A nice view.

My bath was warmer, so Ogii snuck into it.

Massages afterwards.

Ogii liked using the binoculars to see what people were eating.

Although we went to the Chart House for dinner.

Cool ceiling cutouts.

Custom menus.


Us with our food.

King crab for Ogii.

Prime rib for me.

And some desserts.

It was a bit cold, so we preferred the warm lava cake to the ice cream.

The hotel had some old pictures up, including this one of the Tevis Estate, built in 1901. The Monterey Plaza hotel was later erected on its site.

A guy scrubbing the seagull poop off the dolphin statue in the morning.

This seagull looks like he can't wait for him to get done so he can fly over and poop on it.

Ogii's sunglasses match her earrings.

There was supposed to be this little bakery with Belgian waffles nearby.

But it looks like it was run out of this house, which was under construction.

First Awakenings is super-popular, but we've eaten there in Salinas before.

So we decided on bruch at Il Vecchio, with $1 mimosas.

Ogii with our food.

They also had all kinds of gelatos.

The biggest problem was deciding on which one to get; they all sounded so good.

The flowers are in bloom around Lovers Point.

Including these yellow ones.

Streaming down the cliffs.

A herd of deer near the lighthouse.

A big mural.

These signs were all over town. We can't even afford discounted Ferraris and Picassos, though.

We rented to a Cinemark theater...

... to watch Field of Dreams...

... with a few of our friends. It's nice to be vaccinated and start to get back to doing normal activities, even though it's still limited.