2021 May 09 | at home

Watching the new Mortal Kombat.

It's much more violent than the original.

We renewed HBO Max for a month to watch a few shows, and now we're done.

Ogii's egg looks like a moon.

This beautiful house we often drive by when we go near the lighthouse is for sale. A bit out of our price range.

As is this one, which is 2.5 times more expensive.

The view is beautiful, though.

Looked at this house, but is has a crack in the foundation. Don't know how bad it is, but it could be expensive.

The economy lot at Oakland Airport is closed. That's annoying.

Although because of that, at least they're giving some discount on the daily parking.

A CPR trainer.

I got an upgraded hotel room.

With a full kitchen. Although since I'm not cooking, that's not very beneficial. Also, my main problem is the room being cold, and with a bigger room, it just takes longer to heat up, so it's actually a detriment.

I like the big shower, though.

Full moon.

I decided to splurge on a vending machine snack, but then it got stuck and I couldn't rock it out, so I had to pay twice for it. Usually that's OK because you'll get the item behind it as well, but since this was the last one, I didn't even get that.

Interesting that the machine tells you when it will be refilled.

Ready to eat s'mores bars.

Flying back home.

Over San Francisco, where you can see the Salesforce Tower, Transamerica Pyramid, Sutro Tower, and the Golden Gate Bridge peeking through the fog.

Fog coming down the hills.

Back in Oakland, and this plane was leaving for Hawaii. This woman was getting a last-minute snack at the store nearby and kept telling them to not leave her. Don't want to miss that flight.

We put new plastic and rocks down in the front to keep weeds from growing, but this one in the corner managed to sneak through. It's gotten big enough to set of the motion detecting cameras, which is annoying, so gotta pull him out.

Bunnies are back, including some smaller ones.

Ogii trimming her plants.

Checking for good numbers of the bills from the ATM.

We saw the parking cop marking people's tires.

We were probably going to be gone before the time was up, but just in case, we drove around the block until he had passed by, so we didn't get our tires marked.


It's neat that Google tells you how busy the restaurants are.

Getting some sushi.

We got the last table inside. Good thing, too, because it's cold out.

Ogii with her food.

Sushi roll.


Some weird dessert.

They had a live DJ.

And since the theater wasn't open, the restaurant used the space in front to place some tables.

Some ice cream afterwards.

After I crushed this muffin cup, I noticed it looked like an origami bird.

So we made the others into more birds.

This house has its own mini spa.

Replacing the heater filter.

Trying to get the dent out of the bumper with hot water. That on its own didn't work.

Ogii cooking.

That's a huge zoom range for a lens. Not quite as clear as ones with smaller ranges, but if you're going on a trip, it keeps the weight and space down. Unfortunately it's only for mirrorless cameras.

The neighbor's cat trying to sneak up on a humminbird.

Some new growths on Ogii's plants.


Baby grapes.

Baby olives.

Bleeding hearts.

Dad makes jerky just as good as Grandpa did, and it's my favorite food.

We've been watching Frasier reruns, and at the beginning of every show there's an animation. We try to guess what it will be. I only remember the lights on the buildings coming in, but there are a bunch of different ones.

Sometimes the scanner on our printer doesn't work well, but I can take a picture with my phone, upload it to Google Drive, and then download it.

We bought some pork buns at the farmer's market. These had cute faces on them.

Except they were bean inside, not pork.

We really wanted meat for dinner, so a quick trip to Wienerschnitzel solved that.

Ogii hiding in the hammock.

Us in the hammock.

Picking blueberries.

Fresh pet food.

I think those are burgers for dogs.

Ogii grilled outside.

She put this hummingbird feeder on the ground to make room for the grill, but that didn't stop the hummingbirds.

CE on botox around the eyes.

A slapping contest. I would not want to get slapped by that guy on the right; his arms are huge.

We love all of these musicians. Too bad we don't live in Europe.