2021 May 17 | Los Angeles Spa Palace Korean spa, goat yoga

We drove to LA Saturday night. There were a lot of boba places around our hotel.

We decided to check out Chun Feng Sugar.

Ogii with her drink.

Selling Mexican food on the sidewalk.

A car passenger waving the Palestinian flag.

The nightclubs in Koreatown were open.

As were the restaurants and bars.

This area, with many Korean BBQ places, was packed.

This little place was in the corner of a parking lot.

Ogii with some neon angel wings.

A stump with some leaves growing out of it.

Sunday morning we went to Spa Palace.

The entrance.

A cool painting with metallic paint.

Unique fountain.

The jimjilbang. We were there before anyone else showed up.

A painting on the wall.

Ogii checking out one of the saunas.

She likes these round balls.

Although I can't bury myself in them because I get too hot.

They also had regular saunas.

And steam rooms.

Massage chairs.

Although you can't get your arm out when its squeezing.

And it was too tight on my legs, so I kept them out. It was nice on the back, though.

Ogii's turn.

Cold and hot.

The ice room.


These tiles looked boring.

But if the light hit them right, they were iridescent.

A warmer sauna.

And the hottest one.

It also had some drawings on the ceiling.

Close up.

Ogii was quite sweaty after being in there for a while. I couldn't even be in there a few minutes.

The gold room. One tile was missing; I wonder if someone stole it because they thought it was real gold?

I like the little cushions.

The dark tiles were cold; the light tiles were warm.

Lunch time.

The cook asked us if we would try a new chicken patty he was testing out. It was very good.

A sleeping room.

And a resting room.

That afternoon we went to Wildwood Canyon Park in Burbank for goat yoga.

Ogii with the 5-day old baby goat.

And with a goat on top of her.

Don't leave your bags out or they'll look in them for food.

Me with a goat on top.

Climbing down.

Climbing up.

On top.

Ogii got to hold the baby.

She looks quite happy.

Me by the baby.

Feeding them.

They ate a lot.

We went to Kalinka Russian Cuisine for dinner.

But they only had two servers, and they were overwhelmed; we waited nearly and hour and never got seated.

So we decided to head elsewhere, which was Wood Silver Lake Pizza and Pasta.

It was cold even inside the restaurant, so we got it to go and ate in the hotel.

Ogii bought some treats for her coworkers.

My favorite restaurant is Pampas Grill in the Farmer's Market, but it was rather out of the way. However, I noticed there was another one in Culver City.

So we went there for lunch.

They still had a self-serve buffet; you just had to wear disposable gloves.

You can buy their cheese bread bites to bake at home.

Love everything here.

There were many more homeless tents than we remember.

More here.

A neat mural.

More tents.

Ape tit?

A cool building.

More tents.

Another cool building.

More tents.

We drove by our old apartment and there were some people living on the corner.

A new Target nearby.

This guy looks very clean but he's still sleeping in a tent.

The guy in front looks like he works very hard but is still poor; the guy in back looks like he has a pretty easy job and is rich.

Neat building.

Signs to churches.

It seems like the walls are glass.

I don't know what's more interesting, that you will be towed "immediately," or the sekeleton on the patio.

Ogii saw some deer on the drive home.

And some baby cows.

Does that mean ethernet category 5 cable king?