2021 May 23 | downtown Santa Cruz

Some old cars in downtown Salinas.

Ogii has bought me a bunch of cruise t-shirts.

They were playing the 72 game, and three people had 72 at the same time.

Hite Cove outside of Yosemite had lots of poppies, so I decided to go look at them.

The start of the hike.

To the right.

A fairly narrow path.

But no poppies.

I checked online, and it looks like the same location. Maybe I'm just too late and they were here in March but gone in May?

Just in case, I tried going to the other side.

Up some twisting roads.

Although that's blocked off long before the trail starts. Maybe next year.

Pretty Yosemite picture.

The artist.

Neat to have #1.

A mural in downtown Santa Cruz.

Another colorful one.

A neat wooden table at this teahouse.

There are many pieces of art as well. This is called Monster of Monterey by Arnold Martin.

A sculpture of Tom Scribner by Marghe mcMahon.

Oceanic Life Spiral by Kirk McNeill.

Untitled Clevis 2 by Harold Moodie.

A pillar designed by Ross Eric Gibson and built by Bob Carpentier.

Upstream by Marilyn MacKenzie.

A Drop of Ocean by Kirk McNeill.

They have downdown Santa Cruz ambassadors.

A fair number of homeless and street vendors mixed in with the many shops.


A directory.

I came here to get an eye exam at Plaza Lane Optometry.

Pretty nice inside.

Fun sign.

Glasses for kids.

With a head band.

Cool frames.

Futuristic pretesting room.

You can tell the other drivers with Google Navigation because they'll get off and then back on the highway at the same exits to avoid the areas with slowdowns.

A biek amde out of license plates.

And horseshoes.

We ate at Gusto.

I wanted the charcuterie plate I saw on an online menu.

But it looks like they no longer have it.

Ogii double fisting her soup and breadstick.

The main courses.

And dessert. The place was OK, but not as great as people raved about.

Lots of bunnies.

A few snails.

And a bear I saw on my drive to work up north. Well, actually, I didn't see the bear at first. I just saw a few cars pulled over by the side of the road. But I thought they might be looking at something, so I looked out into the field, and sure enough, there was a bear, so I pulled over to watch a bit.

A nice house in Carmel Valley.

It's an entire winery.

Another near-mansion on the ocean.

Multiple levels.

This one is much smaller but still has a great view.

Another one...

... with all the rooms wrapped around a central courtyard.

This one is huge.

A shoe closet.

Weightroom and wine racks.

Another house. I actually think the closet with all the shoes looks better than when it's empty.

This one is as inn.

We can't even afford the car in front of this one.

Built by the same contractor as Hearst Castle.

We got a new Octopus 600 visual field at work. One neat part is it has instructions in multiple languages.

Thunder Canyon is playing again? I remember them from high school.

Apparently they haven't played since 2005, and even then it was only a reunion show.