2021 May 31 | Memorial Day in Fort Bragg and Montecito

Our blow-up kayak in the Prius.

Taking Highway 1 north. It's very winding in some areas.

The ocean to the left.

Sometimes interesting buildings to the right.

A hawk looking out over the water.

Some narrow areas in the road.

Also have to watch out for the occasional deer crossing the road.

At Point Arena lighthouse.

A beautiful picture someone had taken. Unfortunately when we were there it was overcast and freezing.

Lots of history inside.

Us in front of an old light.


The old horn.

Pretty glass sculpture.

A friendship quilt.

There were lots of shipwrecks here.

Different design ideas for the 150th anniversary.

Us in front of the lighthouse.

Don't run over their cat.

From a bit farther away.

A fence made of large pieces of stone.

Sea lions on the rocks below.

You have to close this gate behind you.

People walking out on some rocks over the water.

Stopping for lunch at the Rollerville Cafe.

Lots of pretty pictures inside.

Which one of the waitresses painted.

Old clock.

Great food.

Especially Ogii's chicken sandwich.

Our next stop isn't open yet, so time for a little nap in the car.

A small casino.

With mostly slot machines.

A small area for live music.

Not any games we really play, but I tried some video poker.

Put in $20, lost a bit, won a bit, and ended up right back at $20. Free entertainment for a few minutes.

What if I want the chips behind the Cheetos? Who fills a vending machine like that?

The onto the B Bryan Preserve.

Guided tour in old Land Rovers.

Pretty stained glass window.

Ogii by some zebras.

A different type of zebra.

Out on the plain.

Inside the trucks.

The animals come running for the food.

In front of the trucks.

Keeping an eye on us.

With the giraffes.

We got to feed them.

Looking for more food.

They chewed on this branch while our guide talked about them...

... and they finished it off before he was done.

A video of us feeding the giraffes. They have very long tongues. And even though they're all brothers, they still like to fight a bit.

Some with very long horns.

Water buffalo.

Inside the gift shop.

That's not quite worth my money.

California condors are very rare, according to Wikipedia there are under 600, but we saw a bunch of wild ones on our drive.

Another deer watching us go by.

And another.

Thankfully these stayed off the road.

A bunch of RVs at a beach for Memorial Day Weekend.

At our hotel in Fort Bragg with a view of the Pudding Creek Trestle.

There are a bunch of great murals in this city.


Windows of a store.

Dinner at Mayan Fusion restaurant, which was very good.

An art store.

Another great mural.

Just graduated; buy us a drink.

We headed to the Noyo Headlands Park.

A map of the area.

A whale bench.

Ogii wanted to check out the glass beach.

There were a lot of people looking for the best pieces of glass.

It's pretty at sunset.

Some sea foam.

Ogii figured out how to get the fireplace in the hotel room going.

Up early to watch the sunrise. Even though it's summer, it's still quite cold in the mornings and evenings.

Follow the path to the beach.

Nice colors before sunrise at the Pudding Creek Trestle.

These little guys burrowed down into holes they made in the sand.

This trail is much easier to see in the daylight.

At a little gazebo for sunrise.

I couldn't figure out why I kept going forward instead of the concrete stopping me; it was just really short.

You can rent out rooms in this old tower; that's neat.

Some rolls for a snack.

An old train engine.

Some newer train cars.

Skunk Train rail bikes.

An engine that helps you out.

I wonder why it has a USB plug.

Us on our bike.

Another beautiful mural.

Our group on the move.

Through some trees.

Looking up.

A little hiking trail at our destination.

Lots of flowers.

Walking through the plants.

A little bridge.

At the top.

An old tree.

Looking back up at me.

A train has arrived now as well.

Snack time.

We'll have to wait for the train to leave.

And then we're off again.

Across a little bridge.

A kiss.

A video of us on the Skunk Train rail bikes. You'll notice at 38 seconds Ogii realizes I'm pedaling but she isn't, so she starts so she doesn't look too lazy. Although you can have the little motor do all of the work, too.

Next we drove down to Van Damme State Park.

To do some kayaking.

There was a big rental group about to go out, so we hurried to beat them.

Paddling fast.

A huge house out on the peninsula.

There are some more sea caves out around the bend, but Ogii didn't want to try to paddle through the white caps, so we stayed in the bay.

Thankfully there were a few sea caves here we could explore.

In the first one.


There were some little creatures stuck on the walls.

Some anemones.

And starfish, so you want to be careful you don't bump into the wall and hurt them.

A video of us kayaking through sea caves at Van Damme State Park. There was a bit of a current in some areas.

A little beach.

Here comes the other kayakers.

Headed in.

There is a botanical gardens.

Some flowers outside. Although it was so busy, we decided to skip it.

Pretty house.

A chocolate store.

Chocolate shells.

Cowlick's Ice Cream always had a long line.


Mushroom ice cream? Yuck.

Ogii doing a little shopping.

I like their hours.

Lunch at North Coast Brewing.

We were looking forward to the Berliner Weisse, but they were sold out.

The food was still good.

A lot of people out on the beaches.

Russian Gulch Bridge.

We saw a deer on our walk to the Point Cabrillo Light Station.

You can rent out the small houses here.

The light house.


Old visitor's log.

A little cove.

And another one on the other side with two dark adult seals and one light baby seal.

The baby seal kept swimming back and forth between the two rocks the adults were on.

The light house at sunset.

Another deer we saw on the walk back to the car.

We checked out the glass beach again, but this time in the morning instead of at night. There were many more green pieces; I guess people like to pick them out throughout the day.

Ogii with a little collection.

There are also tide pools in the morning with various animals.

Some anemones.

Little crabs in shells.

You have to be careful you don't step on anything.

These crabs are perfectly colored to be camouflaged in their environment.

Another one crawling up from under the rock.

Me watching the crabs sneak around.

Another one under a rock.

A video of the different animals.

A firetruck with a flag hanging from the top for Memorial Day. The grill is also a flag.

A toy sailboat that has been abandoned in the shallow waters of Emeryville.

It's been there for a while; it has moss growing on it.

Most of the Chevy's, including all of the ones around Los Angeles, have permanently closed, but there are still a few open around San Francisco.

Love their chips and salsa, mixed grill, and margaritas.