2021 Jue 13 | looking at houses (2 weeks)

Frasier has the same champagne as us.

An old hoodie. The fabric is weird, though, and it's always cold; not what you want a hoodie to be.

Two hummingbirds staring each other down.

Ogii's odometer read 45678.

I take a back road to work, and on occasion there's a tractor I have to wait for.

Ogii's lemons are getting big.

Thunder Canyon will be playing at a Fourth of July event in North Dakota? I haven't heard of them since high school, but I guess they're doing a reunion show.

They have a Facebook group, so I messaged the organizer, and he said they still have some old CDs for sale, so I bought a couple.

I really only care about one song, Thunder Canyon, and as I was listening to the CD, I was worried it wouldn't be there, but finally, on the second to last song, it came on.

Some random website online actually has a track listing.

Although I didn't see that until after I listened to the CD.

And someone is actually selling the same CD online, although they only have one.

Ogii bought a bunch of new shoes.

She saw a hoodie with a built-in mask, although I think the second people don't have to wear masks any more, they won't, so this is a little too late now.

You used to only be able to use 20 hours of online CE towards your necessary 50, but now they've changed it to where you can do it all virtual. Watching CE on my phone will sitting in our back patio is much more comfortable than in some convention center.

The jasmine by our front door is blooming; I love to smell it when I leave in the morning and come home at night.

Ordered this colloidal oatmeal for Ogii to bathe with for itchy skin, but it never arrived, even though the shipper marked it as delivered. A few days later it showed up, so it must have went to one of our neighbors instead. Although it looks like some animal chewed on it a bit.

Too many weird Oreo varities, although I like the birthday cake ones.

Ogii peeking her head around our under-stair storage area.

Ogii put a daddy, mommy, and baby hedgehog on our bedroom dresser. I wasn't a fan; I'd rather have it clear, but they were all brown, so at least they blended into the wood. But now it appears the entire extended family has somehow snuck in behind my back as well. And they do not blend. At all.

Back to indoor dining, so trying out some local restaurants.

This one was really good.

The casinos are back to indoor gaming as well, so we went and made a little money.

We bought an apple tree from the local nursery.

The housing prices are insane, so we're not really looking to buy, but it's still fun to go and look.

Especially when it looks like there's a secret compartment in the bottom of the closet that might have gold hidden inside. Ogii couldn't get it open, though.

This one had a huge area with lots of fruit trees.

Although it has this annoying one-way road blocker to prevent you from going out onto that street.

This one had a beautiful back yard.

This one had a nice front patio.

I remember these can openers from the 80s.

This place had a beautiful dining room.

And a ton of plants out back.

They drain water from their eavestroughs into this big container to water their plants. That's smart.

Another one on the other side of the house.

Be nice to wake up to your garden every morning.

Big walk-in closet.

Huge bathroom.

With a jacuzzi.

And two separate sinks; don't see that much.

Pretty wrap.

Nice painting.

A guy standing on his car looking at the ocean.

Full moon.

Lots of flowers.

More over here.

And more here.

Elk way out in the field.

A fun icecream trailer.

Four rabbits out front.

I'm a neighbor FOR illegal fireworks.

A stand right across from the signs.

The first mid-engine Corvette I've seen in person. Very pretty.

Aw, we missed a free Los Lobos show.

It's weird how some people will blur our their house on Google Maps.

An awesome water tower for sale in Seal Beach.

That's a beautiful view.

Thumbnails are getting out of hand; a tripod does not need a woman in a sports bra standing next to it looking surprised.

We love Andy Grammer's song "Good to Be Alive" because Norwegian used it in their ads during our first cruise. And also because he's driving around Los Angeles in the music video.

More downtown LA.

His music video for "Honey, I'm Good" is fun as well; it's all couples holding up signs of how long they've been together.

Still kissing after 69 years.

And he's still grabbing her butt after 73 years.