2021 Jue 20 | Santa Cruz lighthouses, Lynn's Pinball Arcade

Quail family on the lawn.

A spider made as web in front of our bedroom window.

We went to Santa Cruz to check out the West Cliff Outdoor Market.

They advertised food trucks, but there were only two there.

A few vendors, but not a ton, and not many attendees. Overall not a great event.

The lighthouse.

People down on the beach.

Surfers on the other side.

Riding a wave.

Appropriate license plate.

We went to the Crow's Nest for dinner. There was a long line for the regular restaurant, but the upstairs bar area had self-seating.

Live music.

A nice view, with some binoculars.

We found some seats at the bar.

Although Ogii's had a plaque that it was reserved for Mister B.

Thankfully he didn't show up, but this other frequent visitor, David Horn, did, and he said Mister B didn't come around as much any more, so we should be safe. We chatted with them for a bit; they are longtime Salinas and Santa Cruz locals.

Good food.

The Walton Lighthouse through boats in the marina.

A pelican sculpture.

Santa Cruz has some neat old houses like San Francisco.

The tops of these trees looks like snow.

A house with a room like a mini lighthouse.

Nice painting.

Some guys playing live music for the beach goers.

Pretty mural.

$7 seems way too cheap to travel to take pictures of people.

Us by the Walton Lighthouse.

This giant piece of wood has a little metal ring screwed into it. I wonder what that's for.

The Crow's Nest restaurant from across the water.

A bench on top of a hill beneath some trees.

Bright flowers.

We checked out Lynn's Pinball Arcade.

Lots of machines inside.

Old ones.

New ones.

Ogii playing and drinking.

They have a fair number of sour beers. This one was our favorite.

They have beer holders on each machine.

Lots of stuff going on in this game.

Ogii happy.

And angry.

Best part of any pinball game is multiball.

They had two different Walking Dead machines.

There were a fair number of other people there but it wasn't so crowded you couldn't play.

They repair machines there, too.

Some games were provided by the pinball league.

The leaderboard.

Uh oh, this snail is crawling to our new apple tree.

It's taking him a while.

I'll see if it wants to eat this tiny fallen apple.

Thankfully he doesn't seem interested.

The lemons are coming along.

The olive tree is starting to have flowers, too.

I love watching Daniel Naroditsky. He's a chess grandmaster that streams his games. He has some pretty complex plans.

He also gets into a lot of time pressure where he has only a few seconds left when his opponent has nearly a minute, but he can still win.

Sometimes he faces a cheater, someone who is using a chess program to select their moves. However, since he can move so much faster than them, he makes them lose on time.

I've never seen another picture with a starfish there. I wonder if he got really lucky or if he brought his own starfish with him.

There aren't many Chevys left. There are a few scattered around the country, including Sioux Falls, New York, and Miami.

Although the highest concentration is the San Francisco Bay Area.