2021 Jue 28 | Christmas in July in South Dakota

To reserve seats ahead of our flight would have cost extra. We didn't pay, and when it was time to check in and reserve seats, these two middle ones were the only ones left. Ugh.

Some books for our flights.

Neat San Francisco photographs in the hotel.

Some old ones of the city.

Neat stained glass.

Rainbow SFO.

Google Maps got us to the domestic garage, but we couldn't figure out exactly which entrance we needed for our pre-ordered parking, so we went around the circle about six times trying to find it. Thankfully the SFO circle is much faster to get around than the LAX one.

Finally found it.

And then the QR code didn't work, so we had to talk to support through the speaker, and he couldn't find the reservation in their system. He said to just pull a ticket and figure it out when we left.

A yoga room.

Ogii by some art.

Some big photos of San Francisco.

Another one.

They list what local farms they get their ingredients from.

I want the burrito, but I don't see that it has any meat in it, so we'll settle for the croissant.

This was about the only thing open in this part of the airport before 5am, so there was a rather long line, and the poor employees were really overworked.

Got some banana bread as well.

The stone for the bathroom signs is really pretty.

They were boarding two planes at nearby gates at the same time, with the other gate being about one minute before ours. So when the agent at that gate announced to start boarding, everyone at our gate thought it was us. Then when he said general boarding, we all thought it was us as well. Finally we figured it out and waited, but it was quite a mess.

Everyone napping.

Ogii woke up and managed to win her little poker tournament.

A little arcade in the Minneapolis airport.

Frontier charges for your carry-on as well.

And bunch of sports players. Baseball, perhaps?

It was raining pretty hard as we were leaving the airport.

A herd of buffalo.

Whoops, going a bit too fast on the local scenic road.

Gotta eat a bar as soon as I arrive.

Ogii up in the tree hanging up the hammock and hanging chairs.

Up she goes.

Swinging away.

The old Ben Franklin is still there.

Ten for $1.

Fresh chislic.

We got a bunch.

Along with chocolate chip pie.

Mom's sweatshirt of kid handprints.

And grandkids.

With the grandkids.

The adults taking photos.

The kids.

Skipping rocks.

Finding one of the kids' flying balloons.

Mom about to hit dad with a ball.

The kids attack weakness, but don't get too close or you'll get caught.

Checking out the RV.

Close to sunset from the beach.

A little rainbow.

The sun is almost down.

The Pheasant Drive-In is still going.

Beautiful sunset there.

Loaded up on snacks.

We used their speakers.

Although there was a spider building its web along the speaker wire.

They actually sent a car into space in this Fast and Furious movie.

Making sure the spider is still out there and hadn't climbed along the wire into the car afterwards.

Ogii peeling fruit.

A short burst of rain.

Cooking pancakes.


A big bee.

Bringing a rented float.

Ogii and Mom's toenail polish matches their sandals.

The kids like to swing you.

Us on the hammock.

Water fight.

They chase me, then I chase them.

Everyone squirting everyone.

Monica blowing up the inflatables.

Me doing a bit too.

The double tube was always fun.

Cute turtles.

Loading up the pontoon.

Off they go.

While we head into town for Mexican.

Soccer with the kids. The adults are much better, though. We can individually dodge around them (Monica's still very good at dribbling with the ball), we can strategize as a team better, and if that doesn't work, we can simply push them down.

Ogii resting.

But not for too long; gotta go to work and ensure the kids don't float out to sea.

They loved this thing.

Adult time on the pontoon.

Ron and Melissa making hamburgers and hot dogs.

Dinner time.

With cake.

Ron ensuring the integrity of the pinata.

Finding eggs.

With toys and candy inside.

A neat picture of the Brooklyn Bridge in the hotel.

Cooking bacon.

Lots of bacon.

And French toast.


Then rest.

The kids out on the boat.

Sausage for dinner.

Ogii found some neat rocks.

Me skiing.

It was pretty choppy, so I could go out a bit, but not too far or fast.

Monica skiing.

The bay wasn't quite as wavy.

Us skiing.

A kayaker hauling a tuber.

Beating the Escape the Crate from Monica.

You don't see a note about cleaning your guns in many hotel rooms on the coasts.

All cleaned up.

Carmel rolls.

Gotta wait for the tractors to pass each other.

Mom packed us great lunches.

There was a rain storm over MSP, so we circled for a bit. Then we started running low on gas, so we diverted to a smaller airport to fill up, then flew back to MSP. Thank goodness we had a 6-hour layover because we were delayed at least a few hours.

Do these stickers on the outside of the plane mess up the aerodynamics?

We can stuff all of our bags under the seat so we don't have to check anything.

A layer of clouds.

We got security cameras to catch theives when we are away, but they mostly catch animals.