2021 Jul 04 | Fourth of July in San Francisco

Saturday morning we drove to Lemos Farm for goat yoga.

Those goats look rather large. I hope they won't be walking on us.

And we're in luck, because the goats for yoga are miniature, and there are also a ton of them.

Have to get lots of pets in.

This guy was snacking on the grass outside the fence.

And the goats are up.

They enjoy eating hair.


They are interested in the bottoms of my shoes.

And the shoe laces.

Ogii's shoelaces being attacked from both sides.

More pets.

There's a bit of yoga going on.

But more selfies with the goats.

They gave us all some food, but this guy wanted to eat all of mine, so I had to save some for later.

Ogii holding one.

Petting another.

Holding that one.

He likes eating hair, too.

Both holding a goat.

Eating the hay.

Trying to sneak in for more of the food.

Me trying to save it.

He's not stopping.

Save some for the other goats, dude.

On top.

Back bridge.

He's wants some snacks.

Getting close.

Eating some more hair.

One on top, one to the side.

On top of Ogii.

From the side.


Wandering by.


Trying to eat my hood.

Ogii actually doing some yoga.

A pose while holding the goat.

My turn to get some hair eaten.

He's really going at it.

Me standing up a bit at least slowed him down.

Tiny guy up close.

Another pose.

Legs crossed.

Just holding him.

Getting some pics.

Fingers aren't snacks.

Me holding a guy.


More stretching.

Getting close.

Us together.


Or maybe just on his way to eat some hair.

Ogii trying to avoid going bald.

Ogii found some of her chewed-off hair.

It's so cute when they suck on your finger.

Until they bite.

Eye to eye.

Cheek to cheek.

Climbing up on me.

Some video.

There's the whole rest of the farm to explore. I liked this digger.

A train.

Pony rides.

Goat feeding.

A wider area.

Ogii with a cowboy.

A haunted house?


Us as cowboys.

Some ponds.


The train stops here.

Little carts.

Right across the road was Nebbia Winery.

The flames were getting a bit high at this table.

Charcuterie board and whites tasting.

Nice variety.

Same with the wines.

Dew drops on a rose.

And on a yellow one.

Ogii walking out.

Next stop was BidMongol to ship a package to Mongolia.

People even ship cars.

Including a Rolls Royce.

A nice room at the Best Western Plus Bayside Hotel.

Especially with the little patio.

With a view of the water.

And some geese that wander by.

Beautiful picture of the bay.

I already have almost a full 4th of July outfit. Just needed some shoes. Thankfully I fought some that light up on Amazon.

With Kat and Kendra also dressed up.

I've never heard of Bearrison before.

Grabbing some pizza at DNA Lounge. They've had lots of shows here.

And won best dance club. We'll be back for that in a few hours.

But first we're headed to Oasis, a block away, for Dandy: A Drag King Cabaret.

A list of performers.

Lots of songs.

Lots of stripping.

Our favorite dancer, mainly because of all of the great 80s songs.

Our group. Kat's sister met us there.

A larger group.

A single act.

A couple.

Gotta love everyone.

The audience would throw money up on stage.

Digging raffle tickets out of her top.

Group performance.

Everyone on stage afterwards.

Some video.

Back to DNA Lounge for Bootie Mashup: Red White & Queer.

First stop: photo booth.

Then Fireball shots.

Ready, set...

... go!

Some interesting manequins.

Someone else dressed for the holiday weekend.

The dance floor.

Us dancing.

It got more crowded as the night went on.

And then there was some entertainment. Those are some really high boots.

Spinnin on the pole.

Another dancer.

Some video.

A bunch of geese walking by the breakfast area the next morning.

The guy in front of us was driving really fast. We realized he was trying to get a few blocks over so he wouldn't have to wait for the train. We followed him and beat the train, too.

It looks like a beggar leaves his chair out on this corner when he's not there.

The area was rather sketchy, but it did have some beautiful murals.

Checking out Oaks Card Room.

A metal pig.

Metal chickens.

A wooden sculpture.

We played for a few hours until lunch time.

We originally planned on going to this BBQ place, but it had a line down the block.

So we drove into San Francisco.

And grabbed some BBQ from Memphis Minnie's instead.

Then we headed to Stern Grove. There was a long line to get in.

A large list of items you couldn't bring.

There were some seats down on the lawn, but most people were sitting up in the hills.

With our BBQ.

The ground was still tilted downwards where we were, so I was still a bit worried we'd slide off and land on the people below us.

There were a few food trucks way down there, but good luck getting to them.

The San Francisco Symphony.

Next we headed to Archimedes Banya.

It's a Russian spa. No pictures from inside as it was clothing optional, and about half of the people were nude. Lots of different baths, saunas, outdoor decks, and a restaurant. Nice way to relax for a few hours.

Then we headed close to the wharf for Alegrias tapas.

Lots of food.

Including some on fire.

More food.


Ogii making sure to get all of the fruit out of her sangria.

Fun posters.

The area was completely packed with people who were driving home after the fireworks.

We couldn't really see much right there because it was too foggy, although we could see the flashes around the buildings. Once we got onto the Bay Bridge, we could see more actual fireworks as there wasn't as much fog over there.

The exit to the hotel is a weird angle and comes to a very fast stop after a very short curve.

This car didn't make the corner last night.

Ogii with the geese.

Feeding them.