2021 Jul 25 | at home (2 weeks)

It was really hot driving to work.

And my left leg was in the sun, so I put a rag over it.

My 16th anniversary with Wells Fargo, when I moved to Berkeley.

A tiny snail on the flower.

The salad bar is back open at the grocery store.

Love these meatballs.

Pretty clouds at sunset.

Ogii had to prop up the apple tree branches with sticks.

Ogii made crepes.

Cooking some more.

Watching Aliens and I recognize that flashlight.

I used to love it as a kid.

The upstairs toilet had some stains that I couldn't get rid of even after scrubbing them with multiple cleaning products. I Googled around, someone said put paper towels over them, dump vinegar on the paper towels, and leave them for a few hours. It took a few tries, but it worked, and it was much less effort than scrubbing.

I have to make sure I time this correctly. If I drive through too early or late, I could sit there and wait for four hours.

Elk crossing the road.

A video. The guy who came up at the end almost crashed into the car in front of him.

Neat elk statue.

An ad for polenta and stew dinner at the Buena Vista Grange Hall.

Flaggers getting you in and out safely as it's near a corner.

A bit of a line but not too long.

Making the polenta.

The polenta didn't have much taste to it, but the stew was good.

New Korea Restaurant got lots of good reviews.

It's hard to find workers nowadays.

Trying their BBQ.


And eating.

A little squirrel or something sticking his head up out of his hole.

We went to Santa Cruz to try to get a sunset and full moon picture of the lighthouse.

I don't think the moon is an option considering all of those clouds.

Getting a picture with some flowers.

Someone set up this little dinner table on the beach for photos.

Ogii made the sun and moon out of egg.

She said she wanted to watch something, but then she fell asleep before she could figure out what to watch.

Using the wrapping paper scraps to finish up the last few items.

I love the design of this shirt, and it's $17 from $125, but it's also 4 XL. Don't think I can swing that.

I saw these adjustable dumbbells on a shelf at Target. I've been wanting to buy some.

Not too expensive, so I grabbed them. A worker said she had a spare cart nearby if I wanted it. I said I'd be fine just carrying it, although I'd probably regret that decision in a few minutes.

Also got a haircut and she put my hair up. It tends to not stay up, though.

The baby bunny is getting bigger, but he's still smaller than mom.

Love the journey of driving, or life, or the band?

Pretty paint job or wrap on this Corvette.

Working their way across the US.

Los Angeles had Live at the Bike, then a few other California casinos started poker live streams as well. Then the pandemic came, they all went away for a while, but now they're back. And now some of the card rooms in Texas are streaming as well, and they play very deep there. Bart Hanson, a poker commentator from LA, actually moved to Texas.

The Lodge has a wheel they spin for what bonus they're going to use.

They have some fun ones.

Live at the Bike is still going. On Fridays they play big and super deep. Most people play 100 big blinds deep; Garret is playing 2,000 big blinds.

Pretty sick river card to for 62 to beat AA. Hustler Casino Live is going to be starting in August and is supposed to have some of the old Bicycle players as well.

Both players with full houses checked the turn, so Garrett bluffed the river huge. Bad timing.

Trick Time lost two pots for $10,000 each to Ram and is now down $20,000.

They are hosting a poker cruise. I don't think I want to play in a game where I can lose $10,000 in a single hand, though.

Very soft colors.

Urban Diversion was similar to Meetup before Meetup. I was with them 15 years ago in San Francisco.

It's so annoying when some programs don't work on mobile nowadays.

Talking with the parents and Dad caught a fish.

Monica got one, too.

Monica multi-tasking: fishing and phoning.

Never gotten that notice on eBay before: seller is on vacation.

I don't particularly like Tuivasa as a fighter, but I love that he does a shoey after winning; he drinks beer out of a shoe.

And doing them out of random fan shoes on his walkout.


And one from the upper level.

It's interesting when they show various famous people in the crowd, although sometimes the people behind them, like the woman in the sparkly multi-colored top on the right, are more fun.