2021 Aug 15 | Ogii birthday, Diablo 2 Resurrected

Ogii enjoying the hammock.

Trying to stand at her desk instead of sit.

Bought this external CD player just to rip this CD.

Pretty clouds.

Dental appointment.

They have some pretty pictures for you to look at while your teeth get worked on.

A farm.

With a bunch of cows on the top-left. I proudly told the dentist I counted 28 cows.

Then he told me I needed these old fillings dug out and refilled because they were getting some cavities at their edges.

Ogii with some of her apples.

Time for another present.


Black Hills gold with diamonds.

The next day.

Black Hills gold with diamonds ring.

A card.

A cake.

Blowing out her candles.

I saw this funky balloon while walking out of the grocery store, so I went back in and bought it.

Moon just above the hills.

Zoomed in.

Ogii got a bit of milk on her face while throwing it.

More presents.

Trivia cards.

And more trivia cards, although these are really tough. We did know this one, though.

With all of her gifts.

Using her new chess set.

She got a lot of trivia games and jigsaw puzzles.

Her new jewelry.

Starting on the puzzles.

This wooden one has some pieces which look like birds.

Coming along well.

Almost done.

The completed puzzle.

The orchid hummingbird and flower match her serving tray.

And her living plant.

Onto puzzle two.

She got done with that one faster.

Time for tennis.

We're still not very good, so we don't really follow the rules. As long as it gets over the net in some way, it counts. Multiple bounces and bounces off the fence are allowed.

Her lemons are coming along nicely.

This little spider made his home in the middle of some.

Fresh lemonade after tennis.

"Updating BIOS." One of the scariest computer alerts. Please don't mess up.

Starting puzzle three.

All done.

Very pretty.

There are a ton of alternates on the California governor recall ballot.

The stuck the weird Republican right above the YouTubing democrat.

I almost sent in the sample ballot until Ogii stopped me. Why is that even in the packet?

Dinner at Chef Lee's Mandarin House.

Beautiful picture.

A longer one.

Beef and chicken.

Available office space right beside Target. That should be a good location.

It's summer, but it's still rather cold. This girl is in her winter coat and hat.

The neighbor's cat likes to watch the hummingbirds on our back patio, but we've never seen him get even close to catching one.

Diablo II: Resurrected is available as an open beta this weekend.

It's very pretty.

But my old computer can't handle the new graphics, even on the lowest setting. Thankfully there's a nostalgia mode that uses the old graphics which works fine.

Still has the connection interrupted issues.

I'll switch to the new graphics when I come across something new for a few seconds just to look at it.

It's fun to go through the game with a group of other players.

After Duriel, the second boss, you could walk on these bugs and squish them.

It works on the new graphics, too.

You can squish rats as well. I didn't even know you could do that in the original game.

I have an old folding bluetooth keyboard from Perixx, a Periboard. However, if I want to put it in my lap, it folds up. There is an updated version which has a little slider to keep it open, and thankfully I found one on eBay.

Watching a movie from a mini boat sounds fun, but it's a long drive there.

The dollhouse view on Redfin is neat; you can spin the house around to look at the different rooms.

Xfinity increased our speeds.

Our download still isn't even close to the max, although that might be due to being on wifi. And we don't really need to be faster than this anyway. It's nice having the faster upload, though, for when I back up big photograph files.