2021 Aug 29 | Ogii skydiving, Dumpling House Mongolian Cuisine

Dr. Wong invited us to dinner at his place.

We had some great fish.

55555. I wish the average MPG was 55.5 and I was going 55.

Baking chicken and potatoes.

A Carmel magazine in the local grocery store.

Is it $3.99 or $399? With Carmel, you can never be sure.

Replacement candidates for the California governor recall.

Angelyne is just knowing for driving a pink Corvette in LA.

Just weird.

Search YouTube. These people didn't try too hard.

Prime rib on Friday night.

We got some boba and the fortune cookie gave us this winner. Unfortunately the goal we would reach wasn't winning the lotto.

Ogii received a few more birthday gifts from her friend in LA.

And then one last present from me: skydiving.

Getting ready.

Excited to go.

Getting in the plane.


About to jump.

There she goes!

The tandem jumper you were strapped to had a video camera on his wrist, but could pay extra for a separate videographer. I count three cameras on his helmet.

There goes the plane.

Now it's only down.


Thumbs up and a smile.

The crescent coast of the Monterey bay.

Still smiling.

You can see the wind pushing on her cheeks.

The videographer kept circling around to get different shots.

Here comes the parachute.


Almost down.


High fives.

And a big hug.

Workers packing up chutes for the next jumpers.

The video they put together.

Ogii told me she wore my tights. I thought she meant my running tights. Not my purple snakeskin with lace tights.

The brightness matches with her neon yellow shirt and made her easy to see, though.

Lunch at Dumpling House Mongolian Cuisine in Richmond by San Francisco. The owner was just leaving to get some ice when we arrived.

The front.


I like the pictures of the meals on the wall.

So many good options.

The have big roasts of chicken or lamb for 4-6 people, although you have to order them an hour in advance.

We sat in front of the fireplace.

Very spicy.

Ogii's soup.

A big group of Mongolians came in and brought their own beer. They gave us some, too.

Grabbing our leftovers.

They have frozen dumplings you can take home and cook, too, so Ogii loaded up on those.