2021 Sep 19 | movie at Chaminade Resort, Rancho Cielo A Taste of Markon, looking at houses

Ogii made a meat, cheese, and cracker plate with wine while we watched Sideways. Oh, and Milk Duds; can't forget those.

There's a fire near Lake Tahoe, so the Heavenly ski resort is using their snow machines to keep the area wet.

We drove up to Chaminade Resort.

They have various events.

Including a bonfire and s'mores, although $100 is a bit steep.


Nice view.


Movie area.

Outside dining area.

Ogii enjoying the view with some wine.

Our table was a little tippy, but there was this piece of wood near a foot.

Which stopped the moving perfectly. I wonder if other people had already used that piece of wood for the same reason.

Dinner was great. steak frites, mushrooms, and a charcuterie board.

The movie was Erin Brockovich.

Only a few other people showed up, but it was fun.


Ogii cooking.

Dumplings for breakfast.

Checking out a condo, which we liked a put an offer on. Although we got outbid. Also, it was in a less-than-idea neighborhood and also a flood zone.

Ogii made chislic.

Public House XL Taproom.

To watch the football game.

They don't have food, but you can bring in food from any of the nearby restaurants.

Ed Hochuli was amazing; his son is OK.

During the game I was also watching a webinar on Medicare Expansion, which might include vision care.

We applied for a few mortgages. One through our bank, one online, one through a local mortgage broker, and one through a local credit union. The online one actually farmed it out to multiple others, so now I get like 20 calls a day asking to follow up on our mortgage application.

Rancho Cielo had a Taste of Markon dinner.

Live music.


Hors d'oeuvres.

Very pretty.

The menu.




Main dish.


The chefs.

And the students. Supporting a great cause, and it was nice talking to a few of the people at our table.

Ogii had some old photos of her at Santa Barbara, so she recreated them when we went there.

Another one.

Checking out another condo.

Playing a little poker. There's a flush on the board, and not one of the six players in the hand had a single card of that suit.

This one hurt. I had KK, raised big, flopped a set, bet big, got called, the turn brought the flush but I had the king of that flush so when the other guy went all-in, I called, and it turned out he only had the A of that flush, not the flush already, so as long as a diamond didn't come in the river, I was good. But the river was a diamond.

Another crazy one. I was a little low in chips so I shoved. I got called by three people, which is way too many.

I ended up having a flush draw on the turn that missed the river. Two other players both ended up with different straights, and the poor guy next to me had AA which lost.

Looking at another condo in the same building as the last one, although Ogii doesn't like the carpet; she prefers wooden floors.

An actual house with a front lawn.

Ogii likes how open the kitchen is.

Back patio.

Although this door looks like it was patched very poorly and quickly.

Another much larger and much more expensive house with a beautiful back yard.

And a huge outdoor BBQ area. We don't have enough friends for this, though.

Late lunch.

A nail in the tire. Thankfully the dealership said they could fix it in a few hours.

While we were waiting for that, we grabbed a ride in the dealership shuttle.

To another house.

This one felt a bit older even though it wasn't.

The back tile is neat.

Except it's just a sticker. Crazy how superficial some things can be.

New Corvette, so pretty.