2021 Oct 03 | Ferndale

Baby cows on Ogii's drive to and from work.

Went to the hardware store to get a longer tape measure, and I saw two things I didn't even know existed: tape measures with a magnetic base, and laser taper measures. That last one sounds very useful.

A classmate's office has squares of chalkboards.

Where they chalk amazing pictures.

The dentist replaced a few fillings. One is still a little tender but otherwise they seem good.

The boot barn has a taco truck outside.

That's a cool modern couch.

A bit out of our price range, though.

And another.

Neat light-up lamps, but we'd never use them.

Cool palm tree where the new leaves are red. Although I don't like the look of the leaves afterwards.

Our initial flights for the cruise were crazy; one layover there, two layovers back.

When we changed days, it appears they're both non-stop. Much better.

Skyroam Solis is a way to get internet almost anywhere. It doesn't work out at sea, but if you're near land, it's much faster than the cruise ship's wifi.

I drove through Ferndale on my way to work up north. There are some big houses just out of town.

Old houses in town.

An inn.

From the other side.

Danish hall.

A church.

The cemetary is up on a hill.

The Palace Saloon.

Up close.

The farthest westerly bar in the continental US.

Victorian buildings.

Golden Gait Mercantile.

Lots of stuff inside.

Antique items in a mini store inside the store.


Skinny and tall.

These meme pictures don't seem fitting in an old town.

Ah, that makes sense.

Bathroom and info board.

Local artists.

Interpretive gardens.

Still under construction.

The Shaw House, the oldest house in town, is a B&B.

Red Front Store.

Famous for their hotdogs.

Blacksmith Shop.

Another entrance with horseshoes in the sidewalk.

Some cool sculptures.

Poppa Joe's restaurant. Apparently some of the regulars have keys and will come in early, start the coffee, and play some poker in the back.

They'll cover the sales tax.

Cash only, though.

Some history.

Hotel Ivanhoe.

Which is another old place.

The Gingerbread Mansion B&B.

Tall church.

Beautiful palm trees in the front yard.

Driving across the bridge.

Checking in at the hotel; neat sculpture light.

Nice murals in the lobby.

Big room.

With a nice view of the ocean.

Eating at a Mexican restaurant, and they asked if I wanted mild or hot salsa. Well, that depends on if it's white person hot, which I like, or Mexican hot, which burns my mouth. Might as well get both.

Sunset over the lighthouse.

Peaceful watching the waves come in.

More Modelo to the right.

Driving back home across the Golden Gate Bridge. Lots of bugs on the windshield.

Ogii is vacuuming up bugs at home. Easier than squishing them, I guess.

Watching Midnight Run from 1988, and this "Welcome to Los Angeles" on the wall above the escalators at LAX looks the same today.

A deer and her fawns that Ogii saw.

One of my favorite CE events in LA was the Maloney Vision Institute. This year it was online.

Different refractive error surgeries based on age.

These are my favorite slides; showing what are tumors and what are not.

Looking at houses. This one's kitchen was beautiful.

Nice backyard.

Although there were a ton of people looking at it and it was too big and expensive for us.

Another one with some palm trees in front, but Ogii and I prefer shorter palm trees with fuller fronds.

The inside looked nice, but it was very old underneath.

COA Town Hall.

And our local board meeting. Everyone is much more casual than in person.