2021 Oct 10 | Marina Cars in the Park, Nor Cal Renaissance Festival

The colors during somerise are sometimes better in the direction opposite the sun. With a sliver moon, too.

The actual sunrise.

Looking at a house. It's a longer drive for me, though.

It's small inside, but that's fine for us.

It has a huge, beautiful garden in the back. Unforunately the other bids are already $100,000 over asking.

A neighbor's huge, beautiful tree comes over the fence some.

Neat color scheme with the trees.

Tiny old car.

Another house which used to house multiple youths.

Many rooms.

Nice kitchen.

Big bathroom.

Lots of parking.

We could build a wall here, live in the bottom, and rent out the top.

Another house, but it's right next to the highway, and the cars are very loud.

The next door neighbor also looks like they host big parties a lot. That's another source of noise.

Marina Cars in the Park.

A mini McLaren in the car.

An old car by a new one.

A vette.

Old and new.

A little guy.

Open engine.

Very tall pistons.

Fun trunk.


A Kick Out SS buggy.

A Orange Vette in front of Ogii's orange RAV4.

Nice plate.

I hit my set of nines against Ogii's aces.

A crazy hand I wasn't involved in. The guy to the left flopped a set and the guy to the right flopped two pair. The guy with the two pair only had four cards he could hit to win, and he got one on the river.

We make a lot of money now, but my brain is still "We need to save $10."

At the Nor Cal Renaissance Festival.

A group of drummers and singers.

Hot nuts.

A petting zoo.

Great costumes.

I like the dragons on top of the bar.

Just like the old days, gotta watch where you walk or you could step into a big mud puddle.

The food court.

Have to get a turkey leg.

Ogii digging in.

This wasp came and ate some, too.

Big swings.

This guy had huge boots for his outfit.

A great full-body costume.



The participants throw a rose to someone in the crowd between rounds.

Crossbow shooting.

Ogii's turn. We didn't do to well, but a little kid beside us was nailing shot after shot. We'll just hire him if we get into a war.

A band.

Ogii's favorite show: Dirty Laundry.

Funny women.

With lots of audience participation.

Celebrating a kiss.

Big, old underwear.

Pheasants on the exit sign.

Some furries coming in.

A video of some of the fair highlights.

We both love these short, fat palm trees.

Another one.

And another.

Fun Halloween decorations.

Home-made topper extension.

They had a fun weekend.