2021 Oct 17 | Autumn Lights Festival in Oakland

Someone publishes a little monthly newsletter magazine which goes to everyone in our area.

They had a photo contest, so I entered some of my pictures.

I took the bottom-right one on the right page of the couple at Yosemite.

I took the bottom-right one on the left page of the bioluminescent algae.

I took the middle-left one of the bath tubs.

A lot of people had animal pictures.

I took the top-left hummingbird one. I think the bottom-right one of the bears eating the fish is amazing. I didn't win, but one of our neighbors mentioned she was my pictures, so that was nice.

It's only 99 cents more to buy than to rent, but I don't want it clogging up my list of owned movies, so we're just renting it.

Ogii bought these pillow covers so she can catch the kisses I blow.

Although if I turn my pillow upside-down, she's catching my farts instead.

We went up to Oakland and ate at Slainte Pub.

Authentic Irish food.

The bar.

Live sea shanties music.

The cops came by to give kids sheriff star stickers.

Even though it's in Oakland, it's in a nicer, gentrifying area.

Nice mural.

The we headed to The Gardens at Lake Merritt for the Autumn Lights Festival.

Ogii walking under a tunnel.

A car which blows fire (I'd guess it's taken to Burning Man).

Food trucks.

Lights that look like flowers.


Glowing crystals.

A syringe.

Light-up box.


Angel and devil dogs.

Caterpillar, cocoon, and butterfly.

Large spikey things.

A dragon.

A mirror.

Ogii as a butterfly.


Another light-up box.

Gourds with holes cut in them and lights inside.




One of my favorites: a t-rex.

Palm trees.

A lantern.

This was my favorite: a glass sculpture garden by Kim Webster. And of all the items in the garden, this bamboo was my favorite.


A bird.

Birds inside.

More hearts.

Ogii said this was a raccoon. I said it couldn't be; it's the wrong color.

But when they walked over here, they really were raccoons. A staff member said they're blonde and hang out around there.

A pole that shows images if you shake your head back and forth.

Dia de los Muertos.

Jellyfish grocery bags and EL wire.


Some people dressed up.

Very colorful from behind as well.

More gourds.

A deer.


A video of some of the pieces and, of course, the raccoons.

Full moon.

Ogii said the TV broke and we needed a new one. It is from 2004, after all.

Although the lamp light is on; maybe we just need to replace that?

Yep, looks like the lamp is broken.

Lots of dust in there.

When I tried to replace an old projector bulb a few years ago, it was hundreds of dollars, more than the projector itself. I was worried that might be the case with the TV lamp, but nope, only $30 on Amazon.

It's so easy to find manuals online now.

And, to make it even easier, there are often videos of people fixing the same problem on YouTube.

A new hoodie I bought Ogii. The hood is supposed to be huge, but she thinks it's kind of weird.

Fun Halloween decorations.

This is the best can opener I've ever had. I couldn't believe how little pressure I need to turn the handle, whereas all of the ones I've had before took much more work, even nicer ones that looked like this. And it was only a few bucks at a pharmacy.

Looking at a condo.

The patio doesn't get much sun, though.

Although this area is fairly private.

A big old house.

It's not for sale, but the two old houses across from it are.

I loved the wood in this one.

Nice big kitchen.

It has some weird old heating system.

Never heard of a gravity furnace.

I guess they're really expensive to update.

This back part seemed to be added on; no shower in this bathroom.

Although this room did have an air conditioner.

Nice back yard.

If we wanted to add a shower to that bathroom, we'd probably have to move the water heater. That might be a bigger job, not to mention having to built out from the outer walls rather than adding inside of them.

Dunno what this is; maybe part of the hold heating system?

Also, the middle of some of the floors bows up. I wonder if that means the edges are drooping down?

Hmm, can't really tell from looking underneath; I don't have much structural experience.

The other house had a fireplace.

It felt much older, simply because of the layout, even though it actually was newer.

I love tile showers.

It had a basement; don't see many of those around.

Although it was pretty small.

No back yard, only concrete.

And a random half bath on the outside.

A commercial building for sale on Main Street.

It used to be a Chinese restaurant. We could clear that out, put some other business in front, and live upstairs. Except it was far, far above our price range.

CVS sells COVID tests; that's useful to know in case we ever need one.

Getting our flu shots.

Ogii's turn.