2021 Nov 07 | looking at houses, Halloween movies, new watch (3 weeks)

Received the new bulb for the TV.

One nice detail about the new bulb is the housing has regular screws instead of hex, so you can use a regular screwdriver rather than an Allen wrench.

It's actually much brighter now.

Looking at houses. This one was quite nice.

Space underneath.

Watering system.

Ogii had lots of 8s on her odometer.

I love tile showers.

Nice backyard.

Ogii at the dentist.

Nice sunset.

Watching Trick 'r Treat.

I'm happy, Ogii is... questionable.

She is definitely not a fan of the gore.

We got Pfizer booster shots.

Easy in and out at CVS, no waiting.

Flu shots and booster shots done.

Ernest Scared Stupid.


According to Google, it's not a real thing.

Another house has a tennis court nearby; that's nice, especially because nobody is on it Sunday mid-day, when we like to play.

Lots of flowers in front.

It had a very cabin-like feel.

Cedar closets.

Nice bath.

Really cool master bedroom; very long with lots of light.

Huge walk-in closet.

Lots of space in the kitchen.

The fridge is built into the wall, although that might make it harder to fix if there's a problem.

Uh oh, door handle came off. At least that's any easy fix.

Very cabin-like covered outdoor area.

Backyard garden.

Looks like it has lots of water barrels to hold rain.

More back here.

The garage is nice, including the floor, although you can only fit one vehicle.

An office built into the back of the garage.

Second room.

And a wine room.

It was one of those houses that sold at half off during the big crash.

We heard there was a cash offer at list and a few other offers at $20,000 over, so we offered $50,000 over. Then found out the cash offer matched that. We can't going any higher than that, especially because our loan wouldn't get approved for more than the appraisal and, since it's a rather small house, the appraisal would likely come back low, so I guess we lost out on this one, too. Too bad; this was our favorite house we've looked at in the past few years. It's older, but it's been updated, and it has a sold, high-quality build, in addition to feeling like a cabin in Yosemite.

We looked at a few other houses afterwards.

They were nice.

But the fake wood and everything seems so cheap after seeing the older house.

We can watch The Ninth Gate for free with ads.

There are seven ads.

And it's only $4 to rent without ads. We decided to splurge and pay for it.

Ogii made chicken marsala.

I bought the book a movie we watched was based on.

The author puts a recipe for a meal mentioned in the story at the end of every chapter. I don't know if it's a good idea, but it's definitely different, so he gets points for trying.

Cool wrap on this car; it looks like marble.

Ogii bought me a watch from Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.

"Seventeen dollars... and a hell of a nice watch."

That does look nice.

A close up.

Definitely not cheap.

In fact, you can't even find it right now, so if it comes up on ebay, it'll probably be even more.

However, there is another watch in the movie.

And it's not as expensive.

"Do you have seventeen dollars and a good watch?" "No I don't. I have uh... two dollars... and a Casio."

Casios are supposed to be good at keeping time.