2021 Nov 21 | Chimka visiting (2 weeks)

Picking up Chimka at the bus station.


Going for a hike.

A big line at the aquarium.

A big fish.

Lots of kelp.

A ray.

Another big fish and a shark.

Close up with the fish.

Water coming over the top.

This bird's beak is bent up.

Looking out into the bay.

Right on the ocean.




And wine.


My a statue.

Looking at the sea lions on the Santa Cruz wharf.


Big and tall.

A deer walking across the road.

A very shiny car.

Target should be bright red and white, not gray and white.

These Christmas shark hats are fun, but they're too small.

Our light-up hummingbird feeders had stopped lightning up, and the wind or neighbor's cat or something had broken a few, so we ordered new ones.

Pretty sunrise.

Football and jerky, just like in high school.

Ogii got a huge milkshake.

Cows on the hill.

Some upcoming Black Friday deals on TVs. This one is pretty but very expensive.

This one is huge but also expensive.

You can get some the same size much cheaper on Amazon, although they might not be quite as good of quality.

Although ours is still working fine, so we don't need a new one.

I ordered some glasses on Zenni. High index, photochromic, anti-reflective lenses with a frame for under $50.

Delivered in about a week.

They come with a case, cleaning cloth, and even a PD ruler.

Refer a friend and you both save $5.

Doyle Brunson is still playing at the World Series of Poker. Beside a guy dressed as a pirate.

The garbage company is charging us for a big garbage bin when we have a small one. I've tried calling a few times, but I get transferred like five times after sitting on hold for five minutes per person, and when I finally get ahold of someone, the call gets dropped before I can finalize what's going on. So frustrating.

The delivery druck overturned and damaged our package. It's just socks, though; they don't really get damaged in crashes, right? Oh well, I'll re-order.

Marathon, a game I used to love to play in high school, has been on Xbox for 10 years. I wonder if anyone plays it still.

This land in Playa del Rey is for sale. That's right near where we used to play volleyball. It'd be nice to build a house there if we were rich.

The lights in the kitchen went out. Ogii bought some new ones.

Although there were already a lot of extra ones up there. I wonder if they're old or new.

Easy fix.

Taking this bug outside. Although he slipped out of my hands and is just hitching a ride on the side of my palm.

First movie since the pandemic. It's pretty empty.

We saw Dune, which had been out for a few weeks already.

A lot of rain.

A rainbow.

An accident.

You can see the planes from the airshow.

I needed to talk to Ogii but she had her phone off, so I talked to her through our home security cameras.

Hustler Casino Live got Phil Ivey to play, although he wasn't very into the game. They didn't allow anyone to have their phones at the table, and people said he had some big bets on sports games, so he was more interested in those.

They other players were much more gambly.

Especially Mikki, who ran up a huge win early in the game. He lost most of it back later on, though.

Tom Dwan showed up for the second night.

Old school vs new school greats.

Had Presidents' Council online.

Fight Circus has some crazy fights. Here they have to get dizzy by spinning around on bats first.

Indian leg wrestling.

Only kicks.

A fight in a phone booth.

They couldn't get as much space for big hits, but it was non-stop punching.

Two on two.