2021 Nov 28 | Thanksgiving in South Dakota

I wanted a UV flashlight for checking if glasses are Transitions. I bought some small ones on Amazon but they didn't work, so I wanted to test it out in person before I bought it. First stop, Walmart. They didn't have one, but they did have some wrapping paper and tennis balls way up on the top shelf, which Ogii used the wrapping paper to knock down to us.

Next stop was Costco. Again, no UV flashlight, but Ogii bought some truffles and tea for Christmas presents for coworkers.

I remembered I like to buy these mini chocolate liquor bottles there, too. They didn't have them, but Amazon did, so I just ordered them from online while at the store.

Can't leave without their super-cheap food.

Pizza and hot dog.

This poor bird had lost a foot. I guess he probably can't sit on wires now.

Finally, the local hardware store had a UV flashlight that worked. Nothing like driving all over town and buying a ton of stuff you didn't plan on, but at least it should all be useful.

Ogii fell asleep during the movie.

Nice sunrise.

We're at the airport before security even opens at 4am.

And the first ones in line.

Although there were a few people sleeping.

Maybe we should go to Hawaii instead of someplace cold?

Watching some balls roll down different areas.

A Christmas tree at our gate.

Everyone left their backpack straps hanging out.

It was a bit cold on this flight.

Cities below.

Snow-capped mountains at sunrise.

I like the transition between hilly wilderness and flat agriculture / cities.

Everyone in our row was reading books.

Ogii and I are reading the second and third Red Sparrow books. We're both on page 33, I'm just 100 ahead.

A tiny icicle on our rental car.

Cows got out of the fence.

Had to stop at a dollar store to grab some sunglasses because it was so bright.

Ogii picked up a few snacks.

A ton of birds above this frozen lake.

Skateland. We had so much fun there as kids.

No longer Stoick's.

Ogii was excited for Mom's desserts. She was a bit worried Mom wouldn't have made them, so the first stop once we got home was to check the fridge.

Out deer hunting.

There are a few way out there.

A few by the side of the road that ran into the field.

Five of them here.

And five more here.

Three in this field. We saw a bunch, just none that were shootable.

Dinner time.

Lots of food.

Ogii got her desserts.

And more.

Everyone at dinner.

Some snacks Ogii brought for the parents.

I had been trying to remember what this was. It was so fun as kids.

Watching Planes, Trains and Automobiles on the old VHS tape.

Monica brought the kitten in for a bit.

Then put it out.

It wants to come back in.

Playing with shoelaces.

Feeding the cats.

Checking blood sugar.

I'm 95.

Ogii is 98. Not bad.

Monica getting a picture of the sunrise.

By an old house.

Monica showing Ogii the Oculus.



Out walking.

I got a pheasant.

The hunters.

Ogii and Monica.

Walking some more.


Dad got a pheasant, too.

Ogii with the kitten.

Big paws.

Playing with a feather.

Some deer in a field.

Sunset in the mirrors.

Pretty colors.

Sunset over the train tracks.

The train coming by.


The kitten helping with the dishes.

He wants to come in again.

He really wants to come in again.

Getting ready the next morning.

To go and sit on the ground by some bales to watch for deer.

The girls all bundled up.

Dad watching the deer through a scope.

A few does and fawns; not worth shooting. The bucks were smart and stayed away.


Packing up.

With mom.

The kitten was waiting when we got home.


With hot chocolate bombs.

A sunset when we reached Bismarck.

We went down by this bridge to make it more interesting.

Under the bridge.

From the right side.

Monica and me taking pictures.

We headed to The Craftcade for dinner.

Pizza and wraps.

And video games.

With self-serve beer.

Sours and ciders, nice.

Good food.

And fun games.

Shooting some bucks.

Multiplayer Pac-Man.



A video of some of the games.

Sunrise at the airport.

On the other side of the jetbridge.

Ogii and Monica getting pictures.

Wilderness into farmland.

Mom packed summer sausage for lunch.

A heart-shaped lake.

Snowy mountains.

The neighbor's cat was sitting right on our hummingbird feeder when we got home. I bet that's how a few of them were broken.