2021 Dec 05 | Night Market 831, Christmas lights

Our Advent calendar for this year: caramels.

With lots of animals.

They had a nice idea where they cut slits in the upper part to create a hole for the caramels, except the caramels slide around underneath too much, and sometimes you have to go searching for them.

Ogii is excited.

The notification popped up on my phone that my package was delivered seconds before it was.

Low vision glasses with a camera built in; I wonder how well they work.

Nice sunset.

This piece tried to hide, but there's no hiding from Ogii when she wants to eat.

Ugh, it was ginger. I hate ginger. Ogii doesn't like peppermint, though, so from now on we'll smell it first, and if it's either of those, only one of us will eat it.

This house in Sand City had some pretty amazing decorations.

Night Market 831 in Sand City.

Ogii at the entrance.

Food on this side.

Wares on this side.

Corn hole.

We got some pizza.

And a churro.

And some apple cider.

And some macarons.

More people started showing up.

Getting busy.

Making candy cane reindeer.

Ogii checking out the jewelry.

Butterfly wings.

Hopefully not taken off of live butterflies, at least according to this.

Kids painting.

Live music.

This house has neat Halloween decorations, too.

A coyote running near Ogii's office.

New Christmas lights from the parents.

Me putting them up in the tree.

I couldn't reach to the higher branches, so Ogii put this phone holder on a stick.

It worked great.

We put them all around the edge of the tree.

It's supposed to rain, so we put a Ziploc bag on the power to be safe.

Our house all decorated.

Monarch Grove Santuary in Pacific Grove.

We only saw a few groups, and they were pretty far into the trees and off the pathway. Plus they look like a bunch of dead leaves. But there were a few there.

Nice sunrise.

Have to leave some space between the garbage and the bush so the garbage truck doesn't tear off all of the lights when it lifts up the bin.

I don't mind how dirty my car is, but I clean off the little back-up camera. It's so useful.

Our lights from the garage.

I think Ogii is overpacking for the cruise. Is she going to fill four suitcases and leave me with none?

Ogii's car hit 50,000 miles.

Electric car.

Sun rays.

Straight on.

A long one to the side.

Two big palm trees in their front yard.

I wonder what kind of cruise this means.

Where's your Jeep?

Hike Yosemite.

Not a particularly good product.

This might be the most useless table I've ever seen.