2021 Dec 12 | German Winter Market, SF Christmas lights, Dickens London

This guy was walking on the bridge above the highway with a flag.

Cute animal lights.

We went to Mountain View for the German Holiday Market. There were two lines, a shorter one for people who had reserved tickets ahead of time, and a longer one for people who just showed up. Thankfully we had reserved tickets.

Atlhough you could hear the music from outside, so we could just sit out here and listen to it.

Kids singing in German.

Lots of snacks.

Classes to learn German.

There were lots of doner kebab vendors on the streets in Germany.

I got waited in line for gluhwein...

... while Ogii waited in line for food, which was even longer. The guy in front was watching the basketball game on his phone while waiting.

The food hut.

Making the gluhwein in the back.

And the bratwurst.

Our food.

The event was outside the Transit Center. The Caltrain would come by, but it only waited for under two minutes. You'd have to be ready to go as soon as it arrived.

Lots of tables set up in the middle of vendors.

Most of the items for sale weren't particularly German, though.

Neat little cutouts.

Cool clocks.

A little petting zoo.

German book shop, although they were all new children's books.

Warm almonds.

It's bad for the customers that they're out of almost all of the desserts, but good for the sellers.

Afterwards, we drove around San Francisco looking at Christmas lights. Someone had made of map of the best displays, so we followed that.

Lots in the front yard.

I like the penguins on top of the polar bear.

Lots of deer.

Lots of blue lights.

Many houses in a row.

Very colorful.

Two houses side by side.

This tree is all wrapped up.

The house across the street.

A huge deer.

All kinds of things.

Thick lights on the fence.

We passed by this on a big road; the palm tree was all wrapped up.

Very colorful.

A little cul-de-sac with lots of lights.

The end.

The neighbors were sitting outside and chatting.


On top of an apartment building.

Santa on top.

This house was huge.

Us on the front steps.

Another one with many stories.

A big heart.

There were supposed to be holiday scenes projected on the sides of some buildings downtown, but the projectors were off.

A party truck.

A private party here.

Nice trees inside.

Us out front. We wanted to stop by the Fairmont because they have a huge gingerbread house, but we couldn't find any parking within blocks, so we skipped it.

We had looked at staying at the InterContinental Mark Hopkins because it in downtown close to where our lights trip ended. It wasn't too expensive; around $200 for a room.

Except parking was $64 per night, which is insane.

So we stayed at the Best Western Plus Grosvenor Airport Hotel, which we like, especially because they have a nice breakfast. They also have very nice black and white pictures of the Bay Area.

Close up of the Golden Gate.

And a trolley.

Let's see if I can put a mask on with a coat hanger while by other hand is holding luggage.

Hooked around the ear.

Going across the face.

Hooking the other ear.


The men can go and sit at Buffalo Wild Wings to watch football while the women can go and shop at Macy's.

We got there right as it was opening.

There must be a new shoe coming out, as both shoe stores had lines already.

The cheap section.

This is the best time to shop. Almost all of the stores except the big ones at the ends were closed, so Ogii could look all she wanted but we didn't spend any money. Perfect.

On Sunday we went to Drive Thru Dickens' London at the Cow Palace. There was food you could purchase.


A map.

A few of the actors came and interacted with us while we waited to get in.

Love the chimney sweep outfit.

Another one.

There were scenes going on in different buildings.

Along with actors walking around.



More Scrooge.

There were some vendors.

And food.

A musical stage which was broadcasting on the radio, so you could listen to them the entire time.

I got a beef pot pie; Ogii got Indian.

The last stage, with music and other entertainers.

A video of some of the performers.

Before COVID, it was a walk-through event, and lots of attendees dressed up, too. This year, with it being drive-through, almost nobody did.

A stage coach.

Santa climbing into the Daly City fire department.

Neat buildings.