2021 Dec 19 | at home

Lots of beef for a Mongolian meal.

This is exactly what's happening to our TV, but there was no answer online I could find.

Maybe it's overheating?

The plastic around the lamp seems burnt.

And this crack could be from overheating. Except I don't know if these are old or new.

Pull off the back panel.

Lots of dust back here.

The fan is all dusty, too.

I blew the dust off as best I could. I didn't have any compressed air, so just had to use my lungs.

This other fan is full of dust, too.

Blew that one off. We'll see if it works now.

Ogii making lamb soup.

Very good.

We ordered this very sparkly shirt for Monica for Christmas.

Except it's not nearly as sparkly in person.

The online photo looks like it might be rhinestones, but it's actually just ironed on.

One for Mom.

Also not nearly as sparkly in person.

Not ironed on, but still disappointing. Plus, it took forever to have it shipped.

Ogii's inlaw won the national Tae Kwon Do championship.

Very nice.

It's almost freezing out, but not quite.

Frost on the rooftops.

The full moon setting.

Cleaning off the fans didn't fix the TV; it still turns itself off and on every few minutes. So off to Costco for a new one. I don't think an 86" one will even fit in our house.

A 65" one will, and it's only $50 more than a 55" one.

We brought rope in case we needed to tie it on top of the car.

But it just fit in the back of Ogii's RAV4.

It also just barely fits on our current TV stand.

Just barely. I think we'll get a bigger one, just to be safe.

It's just a TV; why does it need terms and conditions?

It seems very clear.

Cute desserts.

We went to the Pacific Grove monarch butterfly sanctuary. It was fairly busy.

There were some all alone down on the ground.

But most were huddled together in the trees. They look like bunches of dark brown leaves.

Another group.

The car matches the house.

This tree is bent way over the house.

Their Christmas tree fell down.

A Buddhist center.

Grabbing dinner at Pizza My Way.

Pretty mural.

All of the Tile batteries are low, so we had to replace them.

Ogii's laptop bag had a tear and the Tile fell down inside. Then she stitched the tear closed, so we couldn't get to the Tile. Easier to just stick another one in there than open the tear back up and stitch it closed again.

Four bags for the cruise.

Some of the Christmas decorations near us.

Wrapped tree.

Bright green ones.

More TV user agreements. This is crazy.

Pretty sunset.

Ogii left a gift basket for the trash collectors.