2021 Dec 26 | Christmas in Tampa

Our luggage just fits in the back seat, but we have to turn one piece sideways.

Love this hotel because it's so close to the airport.

A horse sculpture out of wood between the airport long-term parking garage and the AirTrain.

Not too many people waiting.

Ogii was having trouble with her bags on the escalator, so I ran mine down, then ran up and grabbed hers.

She did better on this one.

More people at ticketing, but not too long of lines.

This is the line for dropping off bags. They have a sign indicating that at the front...

... but not at the back, only this sign for checking and tagging bags. Thankfully people in line were telling new people where to go.

Storm clouds are clearing up.

If you get closer to the window, a pattern appears.

Lots of small brown dots. Maybe as shade against sunlight?

The SFO tower is neat.

Norwegian booked our flights, and they gave Ogii the seat behind me instead of beside me.

When we checked in, it said the seat beside me was taken, but on the flight, nobody showed up for it.

Downtown Tampa.

Pretty colors at this restaurant at Tampa airport.

Our bags were the first ones off.

Pretty colors for this Lyft vehicle.

A building lit up for Christmas.

Presents for all of us.

Making candy cane reindeer.

These glasses make images of Santa Claus.

Pretty neat.

Sunrise in Tampa.

A Christmas Story all day on TBS and TNT.

Dressed down for Christmas.

Ogii giving out presents.


I bought Ogii a puzzle and puzzle mat from the thrift store.

Cheap. The mat was $2.99 and the puzzle was $4.99. The clerk said it wasn't fair that the smaller one was more expensive, so he priced the puzzle at $2.99, too.

Her black diamond necklace, earrings, and ring were a bit more expensive, but not too much.

My presents. Ogii got me some wireless headphones, shirts, and good toilet paper for the cruise.

Lots of other stuff from Mom and Dad.

A card from Monica with a sloth in anticipation of our cruise excursion.

A Christmas tree on the Tampa Riverwalk.

Floats with Christmas patterned lights.

A mural with one picture from this side...

... and another from the other.

Swings and benches.

The Riverwalk is only about 2 miles long, a nice little walk.

Neat xylophone bench.

Although somebody tore off the hammers.

A water taxi.


This bridge was up.

The Tampa Museum of Art.

A univeristy.

Skating rink.

Colorful piano.

Christmas trees.


We were on a bridge and wanted to get to the Riverwalk, but you couldn't just go down; you had to go over a block first.

Veterans memorial.

Bull statue for the University of South Florida.

They're doing construction at the end of the Riverwalk.

So we went through this underpass with neat lights.

Almost nothing was open on Christmas, but the restaurant at this hotel was.

The trolley was running, too.

We ordered take-out at the Kona Grill near our hotel. It was one of the few restaurants open in this area, and it was packed.

Practicing for poker on the ship.

Using skittles as chips.

The dealer button was a chocolate liquor bottle. Some people kept eating them, but we had plenty more.

Mom and I both make a full house.

Monica had a flush, I had the ace-high flush draw, and Ogii had a straight flush draw.

Sunset lighting up the building on the right.