2021 Dec 28 | NCL Western Caribbean cruise - Cozumel, Mexico

A little ship guiding us in to Cozumel.

The harbor before sunrise.

Some other ships came in around the same time.

Workers pulling the ropes in.

Watching the workers with phones behind the back so they don't drop them overboard.

Lots of shops.

Dad and Mom.

The NCL Breakaway docking beside us.

Guiding it in.

People on their balconies.

The sun rising.

Monica walking on the boat.

Lots of fruit and nuts for breakfast.

Excited to explore the first port!

With the ship behind us.

Gotta love the buskers who dress up.

Cozumel letters.

So many shops right outside the port, although the closest ones are a little too Americanized for me.

Verizon has full coverage in Mexico.

I wanted to snorkel at El Cielo because it's very shallow. Google Maps said there was a place that offered tours there a few blocks off the main strip, but we went there, and it was just a random building. I think they might actually have had snorkel tours out of it because a guy was loading scuba gear, but he said they didn't have snorkel tours there that day and to go back to the main road. That was a failure.

Although we did pass this plant-covered vehicle on the way there.

There was a big snorkeling group here, and this guy said we could go, so we paid him and waited.

We were hoping this would be our boat, but it wasn't. He kept saying we'd only wait another ten minutes, but that happened multiple times.

After around 40 minutes, he took us over to this other location and said we'd go out with a group there.

After waiting another 30 minutes, we finally got on a boat. I guess a benefit of reserving the excursion ahead of time is you don't have to mess around with stuff like this, even though it will be a bit more expensive.

Ready to go.

Passing the lighthouse on the way out.

Ogii looking at the fish.

There were a lot of fish here.

Skinny ones.

One on coral.

A bright blue one.

This lazy fish was just sitting on top of this piece of metal.

Then we went to another spot right by the cruise ships.

More fish here.

We passed this pirate boat on the way back in.

A Christmas tree with armed National Guard by it.

Giant gold eagles.

This section of the road had more expensive stores.

In a mall.

Almost every entrance had hand sanitizer and a temperature check.

An Effy store, like on the cruise ship.

I wanted to compare the price of the dolphin ring, but they didn't have it in the store.

So much tourist stuff.

You're not supposed to wear sandals on the escalator.

Uh oh.

More stores.

Tired out from a day of snorkeling.

Monica's internet was really fast here.

She had the unlimited premium internet.

Although it's really expensive for just a week.

I was using a slower version on my laptop, and it was extremely slow. Although it was faster on my cell phone for some reason; no idea why the laptop was worse.

Beautiful blue water.

Playing ping pong.

My old Olympus Tough underwater camera still takes good pictures.

Monica got the best sunset picture of the trip.

The sun between two ships.

Almost down.

Listening to jazz music on the piano.

Free alcohol tasting, Captain Morgan this time.

Comedian Carl Strong.

Versus game show.

More giant meat for dinner.

Music in the atrium.

I forgot that thong sandals really hurt my feet, so I tried cutting it, but then it just flopped around, so I sewed it back on.