2021 Dec 29 | NCL Western Caribbean cruise - Roatan, Honduras

Gotta charge our light up accessories for the glow party tonight.

All done.

These people near our room really decorated their doors for NYE. Made it easy to know when we were close to our room.

They have canvas and metal prints at the photography center. Do they actually have a canvas and a metal printer on board? Those are pretty big.

Chairs knocked over from the wind last night.

On a chair in the atrium.

The internet would constantly pop up this message like every 20 minutes. It was annoying.

First in line for tender tickets.

They go by groups. Although rich peopel and people with excursions through NCL go before us.


Through a water-drop-covered window.

The tenders going down.

Other ships at the dock, which means we have to tender.

There some go.

The seas were rough, so it took them a while to get lined up correctly.

Waiting to board.

Down we go.

Don't fall into the ocean.

This window was open and a big wave completely soaked the woman in front of us. Then the employee closed it.

Ready to get to shore.

Always lots of little shops at the port.

We had to follow directions to get out of the port, through security, and across the road to get to our driver. She had a giant yellow sign which made it easy.

There were a ton of stray dogs in Roatan.

Most of the houses and buildings were very poor and run-down. There were a ton of motorcycles and scooters, too.

The only expensive ones were the big hardware stores...

... and gas stations.

It was already 82 at 10am.

A little stand selling tourist stuff by the side of the road with the cruise ships in the distance.

Their money.

A rich person's mansion.

Expensive condos.

We went to Daniel Johnson's to hold some sloths.

Monica with one.

Looking around.


Looking at Mom.

Coming in close.

From the front.

Looking at the camrea.

Mine looks like she's napping.

Then onto the monkeys.

Ogii getting a selfie.

On her head.

On Mom's shoulder.

Then head.

On Monica.

Come on, monkey, look at the camera.

There you go.

Climbing the leg.

Back onto Mom's head.

Interested in Ogii's phone.

A baby.

Jumping from Monica to Ogii.

They like the snacks.

A couple on Mom.

Good selfie pose.

Grabbing Mom's glasses.

He ran into a corner and chewed on them.

The employee had to go and grab them from him.

Then onto the parrots. Green ones.

Red ones.

And mixed colors.

On Monica.

Landing on Ogii.

Wings spread.

Sitting nicely.

On Mom.

The out for snorkeling. Daniel Johnson himself drove our boat.

Beautiful water. Normally they'd go out past the reef, but since it was so windy, they stayed inside.

That was fine, though, because the water was very shallow.

So the fish were very close.

Our group by the boat.

Monica underwater.

Fish by the coral.

Striped one.

Many fish.

Sometimes I'd be a little too close when trying to get pictures of people.



Mom with Dad behind her.

I found a conch.

You could stand up it was so shallow.

The assistant on the boat would take your camera and get really great pictures, like this lobster.

He also grabbed more conchs...

... and brought them up for people to hold.

You can see the animal inside.

Dad and Ogii.


Back to the fish.

Monica checking out some coral.

A lazy fish sitting on the bottom.

Neon colored.

Funky looking.

Mom floating.

Bigger fish.

A sea fan.

Another one.

Brain coral.

Monica and Ogii.

The whole group.

Mom pointing.

A lionfish hiding under some coral.

A lot of sea grass. I was hoping there might be some sea turtles, but no such luck.

Beautiful water.


A tiger.

Daniel Johnson is a Steelers fan.

Getting driven back to the port. 88 degrees at 2pm.

Dinner time.


The monkey chewed off the outer section of Mom's nosepad.

Speed trivia.

Gotta stop by for our free liquor sample.

And champagne.

Jewelry raffle.

With cards.

Picking the winner.

I won!

It's pretty.

The to the Stardust theater.

For the Showdown sing-off.

Singer and musician by the bar.

In our glow outfits.

In the dark.

Time to dance by the pool.


Although we didn't dance too long because it was so hot; we were pouring sweat.