2021 Dec 30 | NCL Western Caribbean cruise - Harvest Caye, Belize

Ogii got a great picture of the crescent moon.

Big anchor.

A bug. I wonder if he knows where he is.


Here comes the sun.

Monica and Dad watching.

While the dinosaur is trying to eat me.

With the waves.

With me squatting.

Sun through a rainy window.

Eating breakfast.


Ogii likes her fruit.

Our internet speeds are all fairly similar.

My clothes drying table.

Beautiful weather.

Another set of tender tickets.

First on the tender.

The entrance to Harvest Caye.

A map.

You better Belize it.

Nice wooden sculpture.

What's the Wildlife Experience?

A butterfly enclosure.

They're all brown.

But very pretty blue inside.

Spread out.

Some flying.

I wonder if the butterfly recognizes the flowers on Ogii's dress?

He's not going away.

A toucan.

A lizard.

The beach, with a volleyball net.

So many palm trees and beach chairs.

Nice and warm.

There was a jellyfish in the water.

Very pretty. Everyone told everyone about it, though, so nobody got stung.

Back on the beach.

Mom had a whole outfit.

A giant pool.

Waiting for the tender to take us back to the ship.

The NCL Breakaway got the dock.



Back on the ship.

Getting some ice cream.

There was a bunch of salt on the railing.

Hey, that's the necklace I won. Why is Ogii wearing it? Although it does go very nicely with that dress.

Another poker tournament. Top three get paid, although again, it's a very shallow starting stack.

Mom trying to win some money.

Hanging out having drinks while waiting to see if Ogii will win the poker tournament.

The maiden voyage was in Puerto Rico in 2002.

Dinner at Aqua.

Which is the other free, more upscale, American restaurant.

The main course.

More free liquor.


Some lottery-like tickets.

I got three shells.

Pretty curtain.

Duo Delight circus show.

Good to have a reminder.

A perfect duo for me: daily planner and poker.

I timed it, and it takes a bit over 2 minutes to walk from the front theater to the back lounge. Pretty quick.

Ogii hit her set on the river.

And again. The chance of that is 4% * 4% = 0.16%.

80s outfits.

I love Ogii's semi-transparent color-changing iridescent top.