2022 Jan 01 | NCL Western Caribbean cruise - Costa Maya, Mexico; New Year's Eve


There are four ships on the same dock.

People on top of the one to our left.

Sunrise to the right.

Headed out for the day.

With some dressed-up guys.

A giant pool area.

Ogii saving me from the alligator.

Dad pushing Mom in.

A pool with flamingos.

Dad and Mom went on the bird walk.

They're high up.

They can see the dolphin interaction below.

So colorful.

On Mom.

A Costa Maya sign by the taxi and golf cart rental area.

A small pyramid in the middle of the road.

In front of the Mahahual letters.

New Year's in Mongolia. It's pretty amazing we can be in Mexico and video chat with them in real time.

Monica rented a golf cart to drive us around.

At the beach with all the shops.

Lots of hammocks.

We had lunch at the Crazy Lobster.

Right on the water.

Lots of food.

This dog wanted Mom to share.

They had cheap massages right on the beach, so Ogii and I got them while the others went shopping.

Monica had mentioned that Dom Perignon is good (and it's what Frasier likes), so I got a bottle for New Year's. Good thing I reserved it ahead of time; it was the last bottle.

According to Google, this one was a good year.

Uh oh, I deleted a lof of my pictures from today. I tried to recover them, but this program couldn't find any. Good thing I still had a few, as did the other people.

I could never get YouTube to load at any time, even though the internet wasn't that slow.

All dressed up like disco balls for New Year's Eve.

One last dinner in the Venetian.

Spicy appetizer.

Duck for the main course.

Beef tenderloin for Ogii.

They have these nice old paintings on the wall, but then they covered portions of them in bright stripes. I guess it's modern, but I'd prefer the the original paintings.

Playing Iota.

It's way too complicated for me.

They were handing out tiaras and noise makers for New Year's.

Some nice dresses.

Cleaning off the dance area.

I ordered a mudslide. If you don't like alcohol, just make it taste like a milkshake.

Ogii and Monica ready to start drinking.

We got a great spot, a couch near the pool.

Time to open the champagne.

Monica is a good pourer.


Down they go.

I ran down and got the free champagne from our room. It wasn't nearly as good as the Dom.

The acrobats from the show. They're easy to spot because of her red hair.

Some last-minute snacks before the Garden Cafe closes.

More free champagne.

Double fisting.

That's a lot of drinks.

Out on the dance floor for the countdown.

Happy new year!

Dancing away.

By an ice sculpture.

Onto the next year.

Maybe I'll just sleep like this; it's pretty comfortable.