2022 Jan 02 | NCL Western Caribbean cruise - at sea, back in Tampa

First sunrise of 2022.

The buffet had some neat candy sculptures.


Our internet speeds are all fairly similar still.

Setting up for the $10 sale.

They blocked people off with these chairs.

Checking out the items.

Sunglasses and watches here.

Their finds.

Monica wanted this purse which was in the display case for the sale, except it wasn't actually anywhere at the sale. So Mom talked to the employee and had him get it out of the display case for her.

Now there's a different purse there.

A quick stop in the arcade for some air hockey.

And Skee-Ball.

Then some chess with Ogii.

And Monica.

They never had an art auction; that's weird.

Origami in the atrium.

Except she was doing one with fairly complex folds that I don't think most people could follow from far away.

Dad listening intently.

I'll just look online.


Everyone ended up with a different object.

This couple had highlighted their daily planner in multiple colors. I feel at home around them.

Pig for lunch.

A big cake.

One last poker tournament.

Dad tried some slots. Actually, it's probably better to play slots, because if you play enough, you will actually get discounts on future cruises, whereas they don't offer those for playing poker.

The pool was crowded for the last day, but there were still plenty of open chairs a bit farther away.

Taking down all of the magnetic hooks. They like to stick to each other.

Last cruise sunset.

One last big piece of meat for dinner.

Looks good.

I didn't see a dress up night during the cruise, but we weren't going to waste the suit and dress we packed, so we decided we'd dress up tonight.

The atrium had these nice stairs people took pictures on.

A piano player.

One last show.

Elements, with a magician performing acts relating to the different elements.

They also brought back the acrobats.

They were great.

Paper shot into the audience.

They blocked off these seats because acrobats flew above them.

Wheel of Ill Will game.

Kinda of like Wheel of Fortune but with goofy actions required.

Monica figured out "To infinity and beyond" with just a single letter. I'm not playing against her.

Tampa port.

All packed up.

The line through customs was pretty fast.

We looked at earlier flights, but they were all extremely expensive.

So we just sat around in the airport all day.

I tried to find my lost pictures again.

Recuva couldn't do it.

Nor could EaseUS. Oh well, not too big of a loss.

Finally back to fast internet.

A blood pressure check.

A ton of flights were delayed and some were canceled.

Thankfully not ours, though, although the one to Seattle after us was canceled. They got at least some of those people on our flight.

There was only one employee at the Alaska counter, and he spent the entire time helping one woman. If you have even two employees, you could have one line move quickly, but with just one, a single person with a major problem grinds the entire line to a complete halt.

Eventually more employees showed up and we got through.

This sanitizer dispenser was very foamy.

Watching the Tampa game in Tampa at the airport sports bar.

The plane we were taking was delayed around 30 minutes, and when it arrived, there were no employees at the counter.

This woman had a transparent backpack with holes for her dog. I wonder how the dog felt about that.

We had scheduled 45 minutes between arriving and Ogii's shuttle home, plenty of time, except we arrived 45 minutes late. Her shuttle was the second-to-last one of the night, so if she missed this one, she could take that, but then she'd have to wait here another couple of hours and get home later. Thankfully the shuttle was running a bit late, too, so we were able to grab our checked bags and just barely get her on the shuttle.

I needed to take the AirTrain back to my car, but it was out of service.

This employee was picking up the "AirTrain out of service" signs, so I asked her, and she said it was running again. We got lucky on Ogii's shuttle and this.

I didn't even realize there are two AirTrain lines. Good thing I happened to get on the blue line to long-term parking instead of circling back around to the airport on the red line.

Now for a six-hour drive to work. There was a bit of rain but not too bad. Lots of bits of trees in the road from earlier storms, though.

More here, but I made it to the hotel at 4am, just in time to get two hours of sleep before getting up for work at 6am.

A video of the cruise.