2022 Jan 16 | Pacific Grove Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary, Santa Cruz surfers

Ogii put our new TV stand together all by herself.

She also put away all of the Christmas lights.

Purple clouds.

There are a few deer around here you have to watch out for.

Baby sheep playing with each other.

We watched Don't Look Up. I liked it, but there's a camera cut like every two seconds, there's a huge number of extreme close-ups, shots with horrible focus, unexplainable shaky-cam, and tons of random crap in the foreground blocking the scenes. The sound is utter garbage, too, from the balance to the overall quality. It's like it was filmed for a high school project.

Ogii likes her new light and scent mister.

Working on her jigsaw puzzle.

Hey, that only took like an hour. Guess I have to buy one with more pieces next time.

I told her I couldn't get the charging cable attached to my new wireless headphones and handed it to her. I was tricking her, though, and gave her the wide end to try to plug into the small hole. She figured it out, but it took her a few seconds.

My new debit card doesn't have raised letters, so it can't be used with the old physical swipers. I guess they are mostly obsolete, but I used one a few years ago when the power and internet to a store went out.

A hawk and some woodpeckers watch us play tennis.

Ogii with her oranges and lemons.

Fresh lemon water after tennis.

I want to sit outside, but Ogii wants to keep the rainwater in the middle of the cover for her plants, so I guess I'll just kind of rest along the top edge of the couch.

Normally there are a ton of cars for sale in the Toyota parking lot. They wouldn't move them all out for new inventory, would they? I wonder what's up.

Close football game.

Into overtime.

Another close one.

She looks stressed.

A fieldgoal as overtime extires. Crazy game, especially when they both could have just kneeled down the entire time and both got into the playoffs with a tie.

This guy was featured in this week's Monterey Weekly. We met him at a dinner a few months ago.

Have to take at least a day off for jury duty. In theory, it could be the entire week, but every time I've done it before, I was dismissed the weekend before, so I was planning on working the rest of the week.

The weekend before, it got changed to Monday afternoon.

And then, right before I was going to leave home, I checked it again, and it said it was completed, so I didn't even have to go to the courthouse.

I couldn't imagine waiting on the phone for ten hours. That's insane.

Our phones have a Bixby button to bring up the phone assistant. I never use it, though, and sometimes I accidentally click it. There's no way to make the button do something else in the phone options, but there are apps that let you change what it does.

I think I'll make it turn on the flashlight. That might be a nice shortcut instead of having to open the phone up, although that is pretty easy. Maybe also could be useful to take a screenshot, as that requires pressing two buttons and sometimes I mess that up, but you have to pay for that option.

We still have our Galaxy S10 phones from a few years ago, and they're still working great. The newer Galaxy S21s might be a bit faster and have better batteries, but many of the other features are actually worse. That's what happens when you try to replicate Apple iPhones, which focus on form over function.

We also have paid nearly the past year for a larger trash can, even though they never gave it to us; our neighbor's to the right is a larger option.

I've called a few times, but they always transfer me multiple times until I get someone who says they will fix it but never do. Today I sent them a message through their website about it; we'll see if that works.

Online CE meeting.

Pretty sunset.

We made deer sausage, but Ogii thought her portions of the leftovers were too small, so I cut some off of mine to give to her. She really wants every last bite.

Moon dog.

Another sunset.

And another. They've been great recently.

Was looking at optometry jobs in Hawaii and came across this Lenscrafters looking for an optometric assistant.

Hey, I know him; I used to subcontract under him. Hope he's enjoying the warmer weather.

Looked for a new widget to display moon phases. This one shows a picture and the moon days, but I want it to show the actual percentage, which isn't an option.

However, there is an updated version.

And that has the phase percent, along with rise and set times. Perfect.

I kept the king of the trump suit and a joker until the very end of the game, but Ogii kept the ace of the trump suit and the other joker. Gah.

At least she put a new zipper on my hoodie.

I like this newer hoodie, too, especially for plane trips because I can completely cover my head and sleep.

Picking oranges.

Picking the first batch of olives.

Bowls full of each.

Ogii found some mold spots in our water filters, so she decided to not buy new ones and instead just use these big jugs of water from the store because they're really cheap.

Nice row of palm trees.

Real estate license plate.

That butt picture really catches your eye.

Plan for the day.

While I got my haircut, Ogii shopped, and then I joined her afterwards. This shirt looks like 80s Miami Vice.

World Market has always had neat pop-up cards, but they were out of almost all of them.

They did have a large variety of Kit Kats, though.

As well as licorice.

We stopped at the Pacific Grove Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary. We've been there a few times before but it was always fairly cloudy. Today there was more sun.

And also many more butterflies.

On a tree.

On some flowers.

Scattered around.

All bunched up.

We were planning on going to the West End Tap for lunch and to watch the football game, but they were closed for a few days starting today.

They did have a nice little plant holder outside.

The places right by them were pretty full.

Ogii found The Parish Pub just a few blocks away.

They were busy but not completely packed yet.

An artist had pictures up on the walls.

Nice local shots.

Printed on aluminim.

Drinks and the start of the game.

BBQ chips.

Mushroom swiss and garlic fries.

The burger was pretty big.

And the fries had a ton of garlic on them. They definitely didn't skimp on the food here.

The men at the bar were intently watching the game.

While the women at the side tables had no interest.

It was a tough day for our waitress. First, it appears she couldn't find some alcohol someone had ordered, and then, the cook walked out for some reason, so nobody could order any more food.

Although the night cook came in early, so we ordered the grilled cheese on sourdough with onion rings. We normally split and entree, but a waiter walked by us with the onion rings and they smelled so good, we had to order them. And they were great, but now we were stuffed.

Santa Cruz has a lot of pot-smoking hippies, and the last three numbers on this guy's license plate is perfect for the area.

I guess if you're just going to sit on your phone, might as well do it with a nice view rather than at home.

This big tree had been blown over in a storm.

Good plate for a surfer.

That's a lens for taking pictures of surfers.

There was a teenager surfing competition going on.

They'd walk out to the end of this cliff and jump in.




Some guys had made a cardboard fort, and then had a big battle to destroy it.

Sunset over the Walton lighthouse.