2022 Jan 23 | skiing at Badger Pass in Yosemite

Bad Blood about Theranos was a great book. Although if they would have made it work, nobody would have had a problem with the company, and with science, you never know when you're going to do what everyone previously thought was impossible.

Someone broke into our mailboxes.

Saw this ad for these Bowflex adjustable dumbbells. $100 for a pair seems like a pretty amazing deal.

They're $800 on Bowflex's site.

And $800 on Amazon. I think one-eight of that is just too good of a deal; they have to be knockoffs. And maybe they're good, and normally I'd buy them and if they don't work, no big loss, but I'm a little worried these might break my foot or something if they're not legit, so that's not worth the risk.

Same thing here; there's no way they're selling a $10,000 diamond ring for $50.

I think this is one of my favorite moments of any TV show.

The neighbor's cat is watching Ogii clean dishes.

Looking for houses. This one was pretty nice but the heater didn't work and there were a lot of other bids.

I've never seen mist in the valley like that; good timing.

Ogii's Pictionary game of movie names.

There's one cabinet at work that always catches me with the latch used to close it. Once it tore my pants a bit, once I actually cut open my hand, and this time it got my shirt pocket. Thankfully Ogii can sew it up.

The Badger Pass ski area has been closed lately due to weather and staff issues. Good to check the Facebook pages to see if they're going to be open before you drive all the way there.

Sunset on the drive to Yosemite.

We stayed at the Yosemite Cedar Lodge a bit outside of the park.

We had a pretty nice room.

Although not much on TV. I was hoping to watch the football game on Fox, but that channel wasn't coming in, so we watched Wheel of Fortune instead.

The woman said, "Will and Ted's." Come on, who doesn't know this?

I know it!


I figured this one out, too, but the guy playing didn't.

Although it might be a bit more stressful for him.

Scraping the ice off of the windshield.

It's exactly freezing right here. In Yosemite Valley it will be colder.

Already a lot of photographers at Tunnel View.

It's still cold.

The hand warmers don't work as well outside of your boots.

I know her hands are curled up inside of her gloves, but that's still creepy.

These three women were all wrapped in a blanket.

There was a bit of ice on the road up to the ski area, but there was still a clear path for the tires.

Except right at the end. Going straight would be the road to Glacier Point, but they didn't plow it.

The ski runs.

A map.

Not too expensive.

Grabbing rental equipment.

The lockers don't take quarters, only dollar coins. That's a pain.

Headed out.

Ogii ready to go.

There were a few people on the green slopes.

Whereas the blue and black runs were almost empty.

The blue runs are very wide.

The black runs were steeper.

Again, only a few skiers on these runs.

The lodge and mountains behind.

Ogii was good a turning now.

A video of me, then Ogii, then a few random people.

We headed home after lunch. Don't want to overdo it and kill your legs.