2022 Jan 30 | Natural Bridges monarch trail and owls

Ogii working on our fresh-of-the-tree olives.

New tea.

Movie pictionary.

A little spider on our mirror.

Blue wine, that's cool.

I bought a new underwater camera. It's just the newer version of the one I have, an Olympus Tough, but the pictures online look amazing, so we'll see if it actually takes any better shots once we get to use it.

Skydivers above Monterey.

Time to get some of some stuff that has been piling up at home. First stop, some big pieces of cardboard.

Next stop: hazardous waste.

Some fluorescent lights.

The onto the TVs.

It was a great TV and we had a ton of fun with it, but it's become too much trouble to try to fix.

Then onto more general items.

He took our creeper.

Although he didn't want the TV stand or bedding.

We checked out the store there. Lots of furniture.

And more out back.

I really liked these chairs.

And only $10.

Compared to $150 online. But Ogii said I couldn't have them.

A croquet set. I remember playing with that as a kid.

And a bug collection.

Then we stopped at the Goodwill donation center in Santa Cruz. He took the bedding but also refused the TV stand.

At the Natural Bridges monarch trail.

Across a bridge.

Shortcut down the slope.

A little stream.

And onto a wooden walkway.

With a viewing area at the end.

Some butterflies on a tree with fruit.

A bunch spread out in another tree.

All packed together.

There was also a telephoto video camera set up to watch an owl.

There he is.

Across the platform in another tree was the female.

We ran into town for a late lunch at West End Tap.

A lot of placing are using these QR codes for their menus instead of paper ones due to COVID.

Although they don't work if you don't have a good interenet connection.

The booths have built-in chalkboards.

All good.


The Santa Cruz Cinema is showing a bunch of older movies tonight.

And they also have a showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at midnight.

The Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History.



And skateboard wheels. Both very Santa Cruz.

Animals sculpture.

Small rooftop sculpture garden.

Dining area down below.

A driftwood xylophone.

That's very cool.

Me playing it.


Photos of an old flood.

More modern stuff.

Very modern.

And another room with history of the area.

From very old to more recent.

Starfish art on the sidewalk.

Back to Natural Bridges now that it's a bit later.

They mentioned it's low tide, which is good for finding animals in the pools.

Now that it's later, they're starting to wake up and are hooting at each other.

The male took off...

... and flew over to the female.

They met for a few seconds, then he flew off, probably to catch some food.

Ogii got a video of them talking to each other and him flying.

Down to the shore, across this little bridge of logs...

... to the tide pools.

There were a ton of little mollusks everywhere, so you had to step around them.

This ranger had a flat tire. I was going to change it for her, but she had lug nut locks on her tires and we couldn't find the key anywhere, so Ogii called AAA.

While we waited for the tow truck, I ran back to watch sunset, along with a ton of other people.

Everyone on this side watching it, too.

Some sea anemones at sunset.

The screw in the tire.

Someone set off fireworks. Which you aren't supposed to do, but it was still fun to watch.

The tow truck driver finally arrived and towed her car to Firestone so they could fix her tire tomorrow. She had some roommates who could give her a ride in the meantime.

She gave us a few items from the gift shop as thanks.

And a nice card.