2022 Feb 06 | Mongolian New Year

I told Ogii we should watch Robocop, but she said she already had and remembered it. Then I saw this pop up on her Facebook, asked her who it was, and she didn't know. Uh oh, someone got caught in a lie. Guess what movie we're watching tonight?

Dropped the TV stand off at this small thrift store. All done.

Pretty sunrise.

Neat old vehicle.

They don't make this Beach Cabana foaming hand soap any more. In fact, even buying second-hand bottles on eBay, they don't have the original picture. I actually prefer the smell of the Cabana Breeze one.

But the original Beach Cabana has this cute crab.

Ogii cooking for Mongolian New Year.

Lots of food.

We each found a quarter.

Up early to perform the ceremonies.

Burying my animal head.

Ogii found another quarter in breakfast.

Talking to more family members.

Throwing milk.


This is a cool looking lamp.

That's very neat.

Although the reviews say it's not as nice as the pictures.

There is a big variety of Esty.

Gotta be careful I don't accidentally purchase that. It's neat, but a bit out of our price range.

Looking at another house. A bit too close to the neighbors.

A dual fisheye lens coming out for the Canon EOS for VR videos; that's neat.

The cups match the planter.

Bright sunrise.

Ogii made a crepe for breakfast.

The time to pull some weeds out back.

And in front.

Gotta fit a nap in.

The Saturday farmer's market moved a few blocks over on a perpendicular street.

Food on this side.

Venders over here. They fit more vendors in and they said more people come with the new location.

BBQ for lunch.

And then dinner at a new Italian restaurant.

Their wines are all local; that's nice.

Great ambiance.

Ogii sneaking into my picture of our food.

Me with dessert.

The changed the road, so now it's two-way instead of one. Hopefully that's better for the local businesses.

Frost on the rooftops.

The Goodyear Blimp flying over for the golf tournaments.

Ogii guessed the opening to Frasier.

A grandmaster thinking through the moves.

He got it right.