2022 Feb 11 | Los Angeles

The lockers at Badger Pass Ski Area in Yosemite only take dollar coins, so I went to the bank to get some. They only had one, though.

And this bank had none.

You can buy them online directly from the US Mint, but they were all sold out.

Even the big boxes. Oh well, if we only ski one day, we only need one coin.

A sinkhole.

I wonder how far it goes.

I much prefer the smaller old paperback books than the newer larger ones. I even like how they smell.

A snail hitched a ride into the house on this plant Ogii brought in.

Then he left the plant and found his way onto this bag.

A little bug in the sink, so I had to avoid washing him down the drain.

I remember walking house to house selling popcorn as a Boy Scout. This girl Scout put a QR code by our mailboxes to order cookies online.

Pretty sunset.

I'm not going to rent a movie for $25.

So we ended up watching Vivarium instead. I loved it, but Ogii hated it.

All of these houses on the way to LA reminded us of the movie.

I put a reminder app on Ogii's phone. Have to start with good one.

And we're in LA with the lines of palm trees.

The Farmer's Market had a big "Go Rams" banner.

I thought this was volleyballs, but that "N" throws it off.

The old Market Optometrix is still this Wild Flora store. Johnny Rockets is now Market Tavern.

Eating at my favorite restaurant in LA, Pampas Grill Churrascaria. It's a Thursday afternoon, so there's no line at all.

Look at that yummy meat.

Now they have tri-tip as well.

They put out fresh bread right when we got there.

So good.

I especially love the cripsy edges.

This coffee store had an amazing chocolate chip cookie once. They've never had it again, but I always check when I walk by.

Long line for the Rams store.

Shopping at Saks Off 5th.

A jacket with a bunch of safety pins. I bet that makes a lot of noise when you wash it.

A really long line for a Thursday afternoon.

Love the cheap but nice wrapping paper at Ross.

There was only cashier, and some of the people in line were very impatient. Then this woman started paying with coins and took forever.

EyeBar Eyewear. Neat looking store.

Ogii buying a cake for her coworkers.

This one looks neat.

A blimp and the moon.

A pizza place.

I love the giant New York slices.

Too bad the boba place is closed.

The Umami Burger closed as well. That's too bad; I like them.

I went to this post office to mail a package.

But it was closed for lunch 2pm to 3pm, and I got there at 2:30pm.

I had my phone, though, so I just surfed the internet for 30 minutes. I was first in line.

Which had grown pretty long by the time he got back from lunch.

I don't understand how Amazon can send us everything in two days with free shipping when it's $20 to send a little box via USPS.

A mural of boxers.

This house looks like a castle.

A lot of people are complaining about all of the new Sweet James billboards going up around town.

This person on the right squeezed into traffic. Judging from the dent in the door, this isn't the first time.

Our hotel room was nice.


I like how the sign says, "If you are caught." Although the deposit seems to be a rather large penalty.

Some rooms had a red light...

... some green...

... and some white. I bet it has something to do with the maids.

Yep, green for housekeeping.

And red for donot disturb.

The closet light automatically turns on when you open the door. How does that work? I see this little circle in the door frame.

And another that touches it when the door is closed. That's neat.

Nice black and white pictures of LA.


Hollywood Blvd.

Another of downtown.

Nice bathroom, too.

A big fruit on this tree.

Even before 6am there's a lot of traffic on the highways.

We went to Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area for sunrise. It has a nice view of downtown.

From a little farther north if you don't want the palm trees poking up to the bottom of the skyscrapers.

The Martin Luther King Jr memorial.

Ogii on a bench.

A hawk watching the sunrise with us.

Here it comes.

The MLK memorial is very nice.