2022 Feb 26 | Super Bowl, looking at houses

These guys sell wood carvings of bears by the side of the road. They're packing up early today, though, because the Super Bowl is starting soon.

Google said you could watch it for free on NBCSports.com, but when I went there, you could only watch for 30 minutes. That's not going to work.

So I signed up for Fubo's free trial.

Funny ad of women playing poker and betting household items.

Another funny ad with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Salma Hayek.

I'm watching the game while Ogii drives.

The game is in LA; a nice view of Echo Park.

Interesting ad. Just a bouncing QR code.

And an old-looking end screen. They're really going for nostalgia of people my age.

Doritos ad with a sloth.

Movie stars at the game.

They showed a few local ads. I wonder how expensive those are?

Halftime show.

Tam's Burgers and other local stores; that's fun.

Nice to see some simple piano playing.

All of the singers.

I wonder if he actually stood up there or if it's CGI.

They refs didn't call much at the beginning, like this facemask, but then they called a lot of penalties at the end.

Echo Park again, now at night.

I like the palm trees in the logo.

Mom sent us a bunch of $1 coins for the ski lockers.

You can save a bit of money by selecting a mystery rental car. I'm not sure I want to risk getting a minivan, though.

Maybe we could rent a U-Haul instead? It's only $20 a day. Except they charge a $1.50 per mile; that's going to add up too fast, I think.

We had some ants come out in the kitchen.

Late night run to Home Depot for some caulk.

Hopefully that's the only area they're coming out of.

I thought Ogii foolishly lost her queen when we were playing chess, but she actually sacrificed it so she could get another one. Very smart.

Frasier had a rainbow.

We've seen every episode.

Now what? King of the Hill? The Simpsons?

Ogii vetoed King of the Hill, and they only have the most recent Simpsons season.

I've always loved the Treehouse of Horrors, though.

So how about Married With Children.

Yummy breafast.

Stopping by the local farmer's market.


This cookie sounds good.

It tasted great.

The lemon meringue was very good, too.

No cars at the dealership; they're all sold out.

This soap smells very good, but it's also very expensive.

I love this pre-marinated tri-tip.

Much easier than doing it myself.

I wanted root beer; Ogii wanted ginger beer.

Does Merlot pair with The Rock?

The tri-tip tasted good.

This seems like a waste of packing space.

I never noticed how slow most YouTubers talk...

... until I started watching most of them at 1.5x or 2x.

Same thing with podcasters.

Although many of them speak even slower.

There were still some ants around, so we got these traps. Hope they work.

Ogii went to LA to decorate the office there.

It was really cold at home and the leftovers were really small and I was still hungry after eating, so I went to the casino.

This TV had the jackpot listed so long it burned it.

I had some chicken strips.

Ogii had a home-made meal by her boss's wife.

And then another dinner with her friend.

I'm a slow adopter, but I've just gotten into Wordle. I like starting with "smile" and "dream" because they make me happy.

Although mathematically they're not on the top lists.

You can only play one every day, but there are archive sites with old ones.

I can't seem to figure this word out. Maybe I can use a crossword solver?


Got it wrong. Although this was one of the harder words back when the game was first created.

The New York Times has a great map of the war in Ukraine.

He Said, She Said. That was the name of our short-lived poker vlog.

It's annoying the captions use quotation marks for apostrophes.

An old intercom.

I think this is a birthday gift for me.

A fun book on the origins of MTV.

Hummingbird eating.

We went and looked at some open houses.

Nice front room.

Although I don't know how bad these cracks are.

Lots of dirt in the back yard.

Tiny sink.

And old heater system.

Again, don't know how bad these cracks are.

The built-in sprinkler system is nice.

House number two.

Very open floorplan.

Nice dining area where you can open the doors to go outside.

I like the bigger sinks.

Patio area.

Are those ceiling cracks bad? Also there's only one spot in the garage and very limited street parking.

The neighbor has a very nice stone fence.

House number three.

This one was flipped.

Smaller dining area but nice view of the park across the street.

It's a big park.

I've never been sure if I like this red mulch.

Old heater.

Close garage.

Very tiny master bathroom.

House number five. It looks like it should be two stories but its only one.

Entry area.

Big bathroom sink.

And closet.

You can go out from the master bedroom.

To a little patio.

Could put a gazebo here.

Living room.

Tons of parking space.

All of the houses in the neighborhood have the same old roof except ones which have been replaced.

That's a pretty house; not for sale, though.

Lunch time.

Little Mexican place.

A free magic show on Friday night.

Good food.

Checking out house number five.

Decent living room.

Smaller dining area.

I like the tile in the kitchen but not the color of the cabinets.

I like the tiled bathtub, too, although there's only one bathroom.

The master bedroom has a door to go outside.

A great pergola and lots of grass.

And a huge garden area in the back.

Although the neighbor's yard right behind is a little messy.

Variety of flowers with a hummingbird.

The front yard is a little boring.

Although the neighbor's is really nice.

A massive tree nearby.

People are moving into the house we really liked but got outbid on.

Wide palm tree.

Multiple palm trees.

Snow on only the northern half of the hills.

Three bunnies near our house.