2022 Mar 06 | Eureka

Coke has a new limited edition "Starlight" version.

It matches my shirt from Ogii.

I drove around Eureka. There are some really nice murals.

Dancer and orchestra.

Firefighter memorial.

The Clarke Historical Museum.

A big map from 1914.


California condor.

Info on them.

Various birds.


Victorian room.

Another room.

Old China Town.

Chinese cabinet.


Various exhibits.

Beautiful sign on redwood.

Indian tribes of California.

Harvest schedule.



Bows and arrows.


Plank house model.


Its maker.

How to make baskets.

Gift shop area.

Local landmarks; helpful to find out other things to look for.

Return of the Jedi was filmed in redwoods.

Safe from 1889.

The lock.

Sequoia Park Zoo.

Beautiful stone.

And mosaic.



Scarlet ibis.

Grey parrot.

Redwood Skywalk.


It's pretty high up between trees.

With walkways connecting it.

Walking across one.

A muntjac.

Red panda sleeping.



Various farm animals.

A raccoon.

Two of them.

The chickens follow you.


A water area kids can play in.

Otter area.

One swimming by.

A little tube kids can crawl through.

Aw, the porcupine is sick.

Bald eagles.

Sleeping owl.

Metallic sign.

Driving around the city, there are a number of Victorian houses. The Pink Lady is a big one.

The Carson Mansion is another.

There are many smaller ones, too.


And another.

The harbor.

Historic Old Town.

By the water.

I like how the windows stick out.

Horse-drawn carriage rides.

Big building.

Cool mural.

A long one.

This guy was making this mural.

Little pieces of art.


The harbor from the bridge.

Memorial for fishermen lost at sea.

Fisherman sculpture.


Some days Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix will only put out a movie or two, and other days they'll have a ton.

A lot of people didn't like the new Nightmare on Elm Street, but I think the cover is much cooler.

Rain clouds.

Rain between two clouds.

And even hail for a few minutes. Warning, it's loud.

A bunch of hail on our outdoor furniture cover.

Ogii kept some.

Snow on the mountain tops.

Pastabilitys has some great pasta to go.

We're watching episodes of The Dropout on Hulu about Theranos. There was also a documentary called The Inventor, but I didn't like it as much.

Ogii grabbed some reading glasses, except they were +6.00. I told her they were way too strong for her, but she didn't listen. Until she tried reading and had to hold the book only a few inches from her face.

Pretty fields.

Stopping by Flora's Farm in Greenfield for some fruit and bread.

Gas is getting pretty expensive.

This mega-mansion in LA that has been in the news for a few years finally sold.