2022 Mar 13 | my birthday

Wells Fargo knows it's my birthday month.

Hmm... what's this list Ogii has?

Aw, she made me a poster story out of candy bars.

Big present.

A folding patio lounge chair like I wanted.

Very comfortable.

This feels like a shirt.

I had mentioned I needed another green dress shirt.

Another shirt.


And another. Ogii makes a good tape holder.

Darker green.

Another one.

Bright green.

The upstairs bathroom faucet was broken.

Need a new one.

It's nice the hardware store has this sizer.

Another shirt.

Bright green... wait a moment.

Ogii had ordered two different shirts from the same company but they sent her two of the same ones by mistake.

Dagii, Greg, and Sarnai came to visit for a few days.

Ogii took the day off and showed them around Monterey and Carmel.


The Lone Cypress.

Ogii played chess with Sarnai.

We ate at Mangia.

Birthday desserts.

They got me a bottle of wine and a shirt.

Another present from Ogii.

A cruise sign.

Ogii is blocking my way to work by watching the bunnies in the morning.

This person must be from the Midwest.

Gas is getting crazy expensive.

Although The Fastrip in Greenfield is still much cheaper than everywhere else.

We drove down south to San Luis Obispo for the weekend. First stop: Sunset Drive-In.

A line of cars ready to get in.

The screen.

Snack bar.

They have a box of movie posters.


The lights of the car were bright, so we covered them with this towel.

The car next to us had some bright light turn on. This woman was reading with a booklight.

They have a sign letting you know the snack bar is closing.

Entrance to our hotel.

Neat eagle statue.

Nice inside.

Room 333.

A passive-aggressive sign about stealing hotel items.

Another present.

Ogii printed out a picture booklet of watches.

Really expensive ones.

Neat ones, and many more.

I hope the flash drive interface being bad doesn't affect the elevator operating.

Mural by Pismo Beach.

Another one.

Nice rooftop seating area.

Chess sets at the pier.

Us in the sign.

The pier.

Waves coming in.

Another part of the pier.

Very nice area.

A little shoe.

City sign.

We stopped by the butterfly grove.

We came up here from LA years ago. We didn't see any butterflies this time, though; maybe it's too late in the year.

Mural of dancing women.

Lots of mattresses being thrown out at the hotel.

Murals around our hotel.

Breakfast area.

Ogii warming her hands on the toaster.

A little table overlooking the pool.

First winery: Tolosa.


Inside tasting area.

A charcuterie board.

The wine tasting list.

Me with some wine.

A view out into the field.

The airport just nearby so planes came close overhead.

Looking at the wine.

We bought a couple.

Ogii told me to point in the opposite direction of her, so I did.

Oh, she means that opposite way, at the other wineries.

Winery number two: Biddle Ranch.

Tasting room this way.

A front area.

A little rock pond.

Inside area with more tables to the side.

Tasting flight list.

Checking out this wine.

Another charcuterie board.

And more planes.

Ogii trying a red.

Me finishing one.

Our server.

By the vines.

Wineries all over the place with poppies by the side of the road.

We were planning on taking our kayak down these stairs and into the sea caves.

But the stairs were blocked off.

We saw a couple of divers but no kayaks. Maybe we could come up from another beach, but we'll just skip it this time.

And just hang out along the coast.

Ogii fits under this tree.

A little plant growing.

Neat door.

A dog wearing sunglasses on the back of his bike.

We had lunch at Rib Line.

I don't think we'll try that.

Ogii getting a few-minutes nap waiting for the food to come.

Right next door was Central Coast Casino, a very small card room.

There is a strip of pennies around the entire upper area.

I hit my flush, but the other guy made full house.

The had free tri-tip and pasta for dinner; it was really good.

Ogii is not impressed I made a flush with my 2 out of my 72 hand to beat her flopped straight.

Like the sign says, it was a very friendly place.

It felt like a fun home game.

The rules are basically be nice.

Ogii wins a big pot.

And then makes a straight flush.

Another present.

Another shirt, purple this time. I really like this one.

More presents from the parents.

Lots of childhood items and also new stuff.

There was a time change.

However, rather than changing the time, I can just switch which time zone it is in.

Much easier.

Winery number three: Sanford.

Smaller tasting area.

The wines.

Me trying one.

Nice table.

Our server. This winery had the best wines and the most knowledgeable server out of any we visited. She even recommended a few other wineries based on our tastes.

They have this cool barn that I wanted to get a picture of, but we were in a hurry to get to our next stop, so I only got a picture of a picture.

We bought a couple of wines from here, too.

Winery number four: Sunstone.

Big trees at the entrance.

When we mentioned we were going here next, our server at the last place warned us the wines weren't as good and it was more of a party atmosphere, and she was right.

But we wanted a younger, hipper, party atmosphere to end on, so it was perfect.

Our menu. We dropped down from two tastings to just one so Ogii could safely drive us home.

I had most of the wines and Ogii had sips of them.

Ogii with a few glasses.

The winners of the weekend.

Ogii had a pretty cake waiting for me at home.

We ate it while watching my birthday movie.