2022 Mar 21 | Noises Off, Andre Rieu

Did great on this Wordle.

The new shirts Ogii bought me for my birthday.

I still have some unopened purple ones in the closet.

Pretty sunrise.

I have a 200mm Canon lens. To get a bit more zoom, you can add a 2x extender.

And for even more, you can use a 600mm Sigma lens instead.

Here's with 200mm.

With 400mm (200mm with 2x extender).

And with 600mm. It's definitely a bit crisper than the other two, although it has a bit of a red/yellow tinge.

Trying the moon.



600mm. Again, the color seems a bit off, but more detailed. I'm just not sure if it's worth hauling around. I can carry the 200mm lens and the 2x extender in my camera backpack, but I'd have to carry the 600mm lens on its own.

Although all of them take a better picture than the cell phone.

Rather than going out and partying for St. Patrick's Day, we just had a Oreo Shamrock McFlurry.

Sold out of donuts.

We were going to watch Noises Off but the sunset looked good, so we ran up to the top of the parking garage.

Between two palm trees.

With more sky.

The garage is empty on a Friday night; this definitely isn't LA.

$2 per day; also not LA.

Sunset reflecting off of solar panels.

The Center for Performing Arts.

Ogii by the cast info.

The front.

The back.

The cast. It was a very funny play.

The first tournament at the local card room in a few years due to COVID; it was packed.

They even brought some chairs over from the bar.

They brought over these big ones, too.

The seat cards were a little confusing; which number is the table, and which number is the seat? Also, is that a six or a nine?

The very first hand, I folded K2. Of course, I would have made quads. Never fold the first hand.

The older guy to the right was going all in with the worst hand and winning by the river multiple times.

I was all-in with TT against AK and AJ, and of course an ace had to come. Time to rebuy.

They had brisket for lunch.

This guy had a little lantern that he turned on when he went all-in.

I was getting pretty low, so I went all-in with 33. Of course I got called by TT and KK. Although the poor guy with KK also lost when a ten came on the turn.

We went up to Oakland to the Andre Rieu concert and had Chinese for dinner.

The orchestra coming up on stage.

"Snow" falling.

The people in the middle were covered in it.

As was the piano; they blew it all out during an intermission.

An American song. I wonder if they play other songs in other countries?


Audience members waltzed during Blue Danube.

I knew they were going to drop something else; I saw lots of colorful things concealed in a container by the roof.

The band members and singers drinking champagne near the end.

A few clips.