2022 Mar 29 | Monica in Santa Cruz and Yosemite

We drove to Santa Cruz to check out Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park.

They have some big trees.

Lots of spider webs on this one.

A cave in a tree.

Very tall.

Some turtles and ducks in the pond.

Sea lions at the wharf.

Then to Natural Bridges State Park.

A sea urchin.

Watch out for the waves.

Some get quite large.

Sunset with the bridges.

Ogii got a view from the top.

With the lifeguard tower.


Monica and the bridge.

Then to Shadowbrook for dinner.

Ready to ride down.

Here we go.

Looking back up.

We have arrived.

They have a couple of different areas, including this lower one...

... and one out by the ocean.

Locally-sourced food.

My steak.




Back up.

A video of the funicular.

Their old-school cabs that will pick you up within a few miles.

We some a herd of elk while driving to Yosemite.

They live around this lake.

Gotta clean off the sunroof during a stop for gas since it's nice to look up at things.

An Amtrak passenger train goes along the road here.

The parking area at Hite Cove is already nearly full. It's nice it has some bathrooms.

The total hike is 4.5 miles.

But it's only a very short hike through some trees...

... before you start seeing poppies.

And there are a lot more along the narrow trail above the river.

Bugs on this flower.

Photography rule: get low, get close.

Ogii and Monica.

Flowers all the way up the hill.

So many.

Monica and me.


Me taking pictures.

A dark purple one.

A light purple one.

Then we arrived at Yosemite Valley, with El Capitan in the back.

Yosemite Falls, upper and lower.

Monica and I hiked the Mist Trail while Ogii napped.

I think we'll stick with the 1.5-mile hike this time and save the 30-mile one for later.

A blue jay.


Up a bunch of steps.

A big tree fell down.

Vernal Fall.

It had a big rainbow at the bottom.

A video of the fall in super slow motion.

Back down.

This guy was in a suit; I'd be way too hot.

There were some controlled burns in the park.

Snow in the mountains.

Any time you see a group of people looking at something, it's always good to stop and see what they're watching.

In this case, it was climbers on El Capitan.

It was nearly impossible to see them with your naked eye, but that's when a big zoom lens comes in handy.


A couple over a bit.

And a group of four over here.

Zoomed way in.

That must be a lot of work.

Valley View.

And Tunnel View.


A sliver moon above the clouds.

Wandering around Cannery Row. There are a ton of small shops scattered around in these buildings, but almost nobody goes in to see them.

Lots of olive oil.

The tram wasn't running, so we had to walk back.

Although that worked out, because Monica found a dress she liked in a shop.

Getting pictures by the ocean.

And of flowers.

A very bright wrap.

Toasting with soju at the Korean BBQ.

Monica cooking for us.

Some presents from Monica.

Some massages.

And finally dinner at Monterey Fish House.