2008 Jul 29 | Sioux Falls, Mankato

I hate, hate, hate I-80.

These signs are for the rest stops. Is it really worth it's own sign?

South Dakota has the highest speed limit of any state I've been in all summer, so that's nice. Then again, going that fast kills my gas mileage.

The best Mexican restaurant ever.

Aw, Gigglebees is closed. I'd really like to buy Wilbur.

The West Mall pretty much died when the Empire opened, but it still has the West Mall 7, which has the most comfortable seats of any theater I've ever been in. Plus, the shows are only $3. There's also the karate dojo and even an arcade right across from it, so they all seem to be doing OK.

Melanie's mural.

Sioux Falls has a bunch of sculptures by Main Street and people can vote for which is their favorite, which is pretty neat.

This train one was one of my favorites.

Now that's a big city.

Mick and I were at this tire store and an old guy game came down and picked up two gallons of milk. Then, he walked up to the farm in the distance. I was impressed, especially considering most people drive if anything is more than a block away.

Sioux Falls had tons of fireflies.

A Goodwill had a bad check list, and some people appeared to have tried to use up to 20 bad checks. Although I'm not sure how legal it is to allow something like this to be in an area it can be seen by the public.

This machine at Menards allows you to look up all of your past receipts with your credit card. Nice if you need to make a return; not so nice if your wife brings in your card and looks at how much you've been spending.

Mick, I, and a couple guys went to a car show in this, which was a lot of fun.

Some of the cars lined up.

That night we took that car and one of Mick's to Canton for cruise night. There were some really nice cars and some others with kids just having fun, like a pickup with a blow-up pool and girls in bikinis in it.

Once you put up an ad for it, though, it's no longer unadvertised.

The falls at Sioux Falls.

The Vikings are holding their summer practice in Mankato, so I went and watched that one morning.

Unfortunately this pass was dropped, but I guess that's what practice is for.

One really nice thing they had in a booklet was the rule changes for the upcoming season.

The last Happy Chef statue is the one that started the franchise.