2022 Apr 02 | Oahu, Hawaii, day 3 - southeast beaches, snorkel with sea turtles

Big tree.

Lots of window air conditioners.

The police cars always have the little blue lights on top of their cars on, so it's easy to spot them.

Cool building.

Gas isn't too expensive.

The downtown shopping area with upscale stores.

I wonder if that's a rotating restaurant.

Here's a problem: the parking meters don't take credit cards, and we don't have any quarters. We had great luck, though, because the person right next to us left with over an hour left on his meter, so we just scootched over there.

A statue of Queen Kapi'olani.

A bandstand in the middle of a pond.

Very pretty.

Kapi'olani Regional Park, with tons of open space and people playing soccer.

Ogii under a huge tree.

Queens Walkway Into The Ocean.

Lots of fish right there.

One with a couple of sections of bright color.

Birds coming in to eat bread.

Beautiful water.

I told Ogii one thing: "Don't lose your hat in the water." And what's that floating out there?

At least it wasn't too deep when I went in to get her hat which blew off.

Honolulu: very stable temperature in the low 80s.

Whereas Los Angeles is anywhere from the high 60s to the low 90s.

It's quite consistent throughout the day as well; mid-70s all through the night.

80s by noon, and cooling down only a bit by 6pm or so.

A big scaffolding where they show outdoor movies.

Someone's umbrella flew away.

Into the enclosed water of Kuhio beach.

Some swimmers and kayakers.

Surfers waiting for waves.

We didn't see any huge groups of beach volleyball courts like in southern California, but there were a few scattered around.

Surfer on a Wave statue.

Another massive tree.

We only saw a few motorcycles and motorbikes; most people had cars.

Skyscrapers and palm trees.

Magic Island.

Lots of palm trees.

Many small sail boats in Kahanamoku Lagoon.

That appears to be an outboard-powered surfboard.

Big roots.

There were a few cats in the park.

They weren't very scared of people.

Just kinda laid there.

A small lagoon at the end of Magic Island.

Waves crashing.

A nice picnic area under a tree.

It's much bigger than Ogii.

Ogii leaning on a leaning palm tree.

Holding it up.

Some sections of the water are more blue, some are more green.

Me with downtown behind me.

A lot of people were barbequing at the park.

Although I've never really liked these chain Hawaiian Barbeque places.


Long vines on this tree.

Ala Moana Shopping Mall.

A pond.

They have a lot of stores.

It's mostly outdoors-ish.

Another pond.

Those look expensive.

Cool river art.

They have mostly the same stores we have in California malls, including a Lucky Strike.

And a Lenscrafters.

Even a Gen Korean BBQ.

We ate at Mai Tai's.

There's a bar in the center.

Surrounded by tables.

Some are more couch-like.

You can't really see it, but it's pouring rain right now, so people are temporarily hiding under the roofs. It only lasts for a few minutes, though.

On the roof parking lot.

Another big tree.

Ogii wants to live in the yellow box.

At Kewalo Basin Park.

A statue.

People fed the baby chickens.

The Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Ho'okupu Center has a nice setup.

Six hours of parking for only $6; that's great.

Ala Moana Park beach volleyball courts.

A cool tall blue building.


And another.

This one is wider.

This one has lots of sections which stick out.

This one has an infinity pool which sticks out over the edge.

The blue skyscrapers all form a line.

Taking a short nap.

Before we go on our sea turtle snorkel boat.

Coral Kai; that's a fun name.

We saw a turtle before we even left the harbor.

Looking back towards the city; some big rain clouds.

We saw a bunch of fish as soon as we jumped in.

These had neon blue stripes on their back fins.

And a sea turtle.



One below me.

We bought Ogii a snorkel mask that fits over her whole face. She thought it was better than a separate mask and snorkel.

Many more fish.

A turtle just below the surface.

One diving down.


Another turtle a bit deeper.

One coming up for air.

The city.

Me eating a swordfish statue.

A great mural.

A tall one.

A Norwegian cruise ship.

Very interesting skyscrapers.

Blue tips.

We didn't see very many homeless people or tents or groups of tents, especially compared to California.

A rainbow.

A bit longer double one.

An American flag mural.

We had dinner at Big Kahuna's Pizza.

It was really good.

I scraped my hand a bit. Doesn't appear to be infected.

We flew Alaska Airlines and they are canceling lots of flights. Most seem to be out of Seattle, though.

Ours are still going, at least for now.

A video of our third day.