2022 Apr 03 | Oahu, Hawaii, day 4 - Hanauma Bay

It's 4:47am and it's already 77 degrees.

The bottom edge of the door frame lights up.

And it also projects a mustang image on the ground.

Headed out on the Hanauma Bay ridge hike.

Other hikers on I believe Koko Crater railway trail.

Us above Hanauma Bay.

Me in some wind-blown grass.

A view of the bay with some plants.

Looking to the other side.

Ogii running down.

Lots of locks on the gate.

Now time to visit the bay.

There's already a line of cars before they open.

We had parked in this little lot nearby.

So it was easy for us to get in line.

Only $3 for parking, so cheap.

There were already a lot of people there, but entry was timed. We were in one of the early groups, so we got right in.

Nice picture.

Fish statue.

Info on the bay.

A bee on a flower.

Before you went down, they lectured you on not getting too close to the animals and not leaving any trash behind.

Listening to the lecture.

Then there was a short educational lecture.

You're not supposed to have any of these ingredients in your sunscreen.

Looks like ours does not.

The bay is really beautiful.

We were some of the first people down.

Gotta beat the crowd behind us.

The we hopped in the water and started snorkeling.

These guys were really fast.

I love the neon stripe on the back.

It was really shallow, so you were really close to the fish and could even stand up if you needed a break.

Bright blue and green.

Chewing on the coral.

Long nose.

The colors form a V.

Similar but different color pattern.

Hiding in the coral.

We snorkeled for about an hour.

Then headed back up. It's nice that it's so warm early in the morning that we can snorkel and still catch a mid-morning flight.

You can see everyone snorkeling around.

Although it looks like they mostly avoid the coral? I'm not even sure exactly where we were.

We still have our hats.

Sucking up a little more sun with the convertible.

This dog was watching the traffic go by.

Snow bunny in Hawaii?

Dophin mural.


I thought riding in the back of pickups was illegal almost everywhere in the US now, but tons of people still did it in Hawaii. Maybe it's OK because the speed limits are mostly lower?

Lei stands?

Ah, lots of them.

Each is named.

A mosaic at the airport.

Made up of many pictures.

A video of snorkeling in Hanauma Bay.