2022 Apr 10 | Sacramento: Rent, CE meeting

After getting through Frasier, we've started on Married With Children. It's still hilarious.

There are some turkeys that wander around Ogii's work.

A couple up close.

Pretty sunrise.

I'm reading a book on how MTV started. I never knew Michael Bay got started in music videos, and he made his movies pretty much like his videos.

We pay $2000 a month for health insurance. That's $25,000 a year. I can't belive how expensive it is.

Ogii's couch, which is outside on the patio, is starting to come apart at the seams. I wonder if the weather has contributed to it or if it would have done this even if it was inside. Either way, I love sitting outside on it when it's nice out.

A cool two-toned suit.

Ogii got this Wordle on the second try.

Ogii wanted Dim Sum.

I said she could pick whatever she wanted.

As long as it wasn't chicken feet.

A nice variety.

A bunch of sheep and goats by Gilroy.

I don't watch much MMA any more, it's on every single weekend which is just too much, but I will tune in if there's a specific fighter I like, and I love Aleksei Oleinik because he's an old-school grappler. He's in trouble here, though.

Although he got out of that and won.

This windshield squeegee looks brand new, and the fluid is completely full. I think this is the only time I've seen this.

The FedEx driver was going down the highway with his left foot up and the door open enjoying the California weather.

We went to Sacramento for a CE meeting on Sunday. Saturday night we went to Folsom Lake College to watch Rent.

Nice stage.

The actors.

I like the stone walls.

Cool benches.

Hanging out on a couch on the stairs.

We got close balcony seats.

I've never seen this play.

The cast was quite good.

As was everyone else involved.

I liked watching the band under the stage, too.

The vendors at the CE.

Focus sells eye vitamins.

The AREDS 2 has less zinc than other company formulations, which might be beneficial.

They have a variety of others as well.

Allergan has Lastacaft for allergies, which is now OTC instead of prescription, and the new Vuity for presbyopia, although we have to wait and see how well it works.

Maculogix has the AdaptDx headset for early macular degeneration detection.

Always good to know what ICD codes you can use to bill it.

Breakfast while learning about multifocal contact lenses.

A bit from the COA.

And then onto the CE, starting with macular degeneration.

There wasn't a ton of attendees, but there was a fair number.

The laws had changed this year so we could treat more types of glaucomas.

Having IOP a bit higher than normal isn't a big deal, but if it's a lot higher, that is.

Attendees from the other side.

Some snacks. I like the little bags of popcorn.

The vendors from the other direction.

Cool mural of bankrobber raccoons in downtown Sacramento.

The bottom.

More murals here.

A protest in a park.

Cool building.

Neat mural.

Birds painting.

A giant dart Ogii can't quite pull out.

The hand.

Ogii inside the letter.

Picture on the stairs.

A more open area.

We wanted to go to Lowbrau, a German restaurant, for lunch, but we couldn't find it. I think this location is actually a booth inside the big convention center, so we have to drive over to the main restaurant.

We passed by the gay nightclub, which had some good music going.

Inside the restaurant.

Outside with our food.

Our food.

They've having a block party later today. One of the bands is called My Cousin Vinny.

A stage for the block party.

A bus that sells clothing.

Cool house with a cool mural next to it.

Ogii mentioned she liked a mall near Pleasanton. She's going to have to be more specific than that.

Hopefully it was the San Francisco Premium Outlets.

Checking out Saks Off 5th.

Even at 70% off...

... that's still too expensive.

Ogii must touch every single item of clothing.

I dunno, that looks just like a rug.

An expensive rug.

Neat jeans.

I'm not going to pay $200 for a shirt.

Although this one from the same designer is $35; that's much more reasonable.